whose gonna love you like me ! whose gonna love me like you ? =/

that's all i keep asking myself .
im lost for words .
bt at least i stopped crying .
for now at least .
idk how long this feeling is gonna last bt hopefully nt long .
im down .
im out .
im fuckin ugh :'(
i had such a good morning .
& i swear i knew i wasn't gonna end the day the same .
how am i feenna sleeep >:o
this wont let me have any peace of mind .
blaaahhhh .
im bout to just try to focus .
focus . focus .
i can't drag myself through the mud all week .
at least i dnt want to . . .
these first few days are gonna be the worst .
bt i guess i gotta prepare for it .
what can i do?
august 31st we broke up .
october 19th we said goodbye (for now =/)
i hope "month&day he comes back" hurries .
im about to be numb .
but im gonna start my homework so i can take my shower and go to bed
early .

* i love you .

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