better than yesterdayy .

good morninggg :)
lol .
im having a good morning cus i had a gd day and night yesterday.
sometime yesterday when i was tlking to james i had to make sure i wasnt misinterpreting our situation so i asked him did he really wanna work it out or did he just feel srry for me lol .
his response : "Are you serious? no i didnt feel bad for you I wanna work it out seriously."

i smiled.
i just needed to know we were on tha same page.
but we talked later on tht night and i got sad again cus he said it still dont feel like it used to , he said he doesnt feel the spark we used to have anymore but he does still love me the same and he wants to try bc we have to try together if we want it to work.
and i agree , im just glad hes willing to do that.
thats love right?

&& nooo , were not bk together so dont start makin assumptions,
we need timee , i just hope everything works itself out cus if it doesnt . .
i cant be mad bc we tryed . i just have to take a loss , forreal.
but whatever , love is a journey and like queen latifah said in the secret life of bees . . . love is never perfect .

i need to disconnect my wanting everything to be perfect and work out as planned frm reality
like i used to bc it is the main reason im always disappointed
and i already know this . . but i can never take my own advice for some reason lol .
&& james is like, babe shit happens , if everything went perfect in life nobody would be sad. its just life .

& yea , hes right .
but i still wanna be a big ass hopeful bby ,
hoping and wishing everything goes the way i want .
which will prolly never happen bt whatever lol .
as of right now im content .
im nt completely over the situation cus im still kinda hurt ,
but im healing , i can say that much .
&&time heals all wounds . . .

ps - he did end things with her .

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