updaate .

gosh .
lol , leave it to my bby to call me and talk all my mins out lmao .
i just fuckin bought a 10$ card today and i tlked all 9 dollars out on
him ! lmao .
i got 20 cent ! ill be happy if tha shit works tmmw .
ugh , im nt fenna have a phone til my birthday :'(
cus my mama nt fenna give me another 10$ lol .
weeell that's all . sooo , bby if yu txt or call or sign on aim & im out
of reach . . .
know that its YOUR FAULT >:o !! but that 45 mins was worth it :D kinda
you still buyin me some mins nigga . lol .
i love you baby gnite .

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Miss.Fortune said...

ive missed u!
when exactly is ur birthday?
mine is next tuesday..oct 20th