dear james de`von ,

i apologize from the bottom of my heart for everything i ever put you
and your heart through . for hurting you . i never had intentions of
hurting you , ever . the only man to ever love everything about me . i
would give my life for you . and i know i tell you how much i love you
damn near everyday , but i could never tell you enough . if things don't
work out in the end , im sooo thankful i met you . your my bestfriend .
you told me i taught you how to love . and in return you taught me what
actual love feels like . i wouldnt trade it for the world . all the
tears and hurt , never pulled me away but made me love you even more .
cus at the end of the day , you will always be my world . and if you
ever walked away , my world will spin slower . so if that should ever
happen , i hope god brings you back to me so that i could complete my
life with you . bc in all honesty i can't see myself spending it with
anyone else .
i love you james de`von . and that's on my life . that's all i wanted to
say , oh & i miss you . gnite .

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