its so hard . . .

to say bye to the one you love .

i wanted to just , stop talking unofficially .
so i didn't have to face it .
but we did it .
and i realized i wasn't ready bt what could i do ?
i just cryedd .
im still crying .
i can't even breathe right .
writing is tha only thing that's fenna keep me frm havin an anxiety
attack :'(
i feel like i just dropped my heart on tha ground .
i was tryna hold back tears but theyre pullin frm deep inside , & i feel
it .
i feel like someone just died .
he's there when i need him .
but i need him everydayyy
im taking this soo much worse than i wanted to .
mannnn , im fenna cry for tha rest of tha day .
i start crying again everytime i remember .
i really hope this is worth it .
i feel like tha biggest crybby on earth right now .
i can't stooop .
im fenna concentrate on calming down .
ill be back later if i feel better . or stop fckin cryin ,
whichever happens first .

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