man fuck .

i gotta go to class in 20 mins & its hitting me !
its hitting me !
im bout to fuckin start crying in the middle of this library .
ughhhh ,
im tryna relax & take my mind awayy .
todays not gonna be a good day .
im gonna break today .

wtf .
i feel so fuckin lost .
like im giving him his space .
with no doubts about it , i still have no words for him
i dont even have the courage to talk to him .
how could he do me like that .?

i would do anything in the world to fix it .
i cant type anymore im bout to start cryin ,
if i told him anything i'd tell him to listen to
bobby valentino- stay with me .

thats how i feel , and ima leave my emotions at that .
cus its not bout to happen . .
hella heartbroken .
ttyl .

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