another update.

well its been a long weekend and i havent been able to update because tmobiles fuckin internet sevices are down and i have no internet , email or aim >:o

but, me and james had a long talk and somewhere in expressing how i feel i guess he realized how important i really am to him as he is to me. I believe he broke up with her. but its not like were fenna jump right back into anything. im still hurt and scared, but he wants to make it work as do i soooo , lets see what happens. were gonna take our time and see what happens. his cuzin said lol , "yall just need to work shit out cus yall not gon be happy unless yall with each other honestly. "

that lifted my spirits kinda, not too high tho. no need to get my hopes up for nothingggg , i wont know exactly how we feel or stand til i see him which will hopefully be for my birthday if everything goes how i want it.

ill be back :)

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&So it Goes On Viva La Dame said...

Thats Gud Yu Finally talked it out wit him i been reading ya blog nd its almost like im staring in a mirror cause im going thru the same things....remember yu always have a ear with me..