When I think of you I feel blank
No longer love stuffed with emotion
my heart was open,
You slammed it shut with lies and no focus....
on me that is, left me damaged, so broken.
I recovered but we cant recover us, our friendship suffered..
Shoulda just let it go but we both held on hoping it would flow
...bt its not. I love you so,
I truly do. always so afraid tht id lose you, so I made sure I could use you bc you were alwys there for me bt too much that I abused you..and what we had,
so bad we cant get it back and I want it so bad
but I guess tht time has passed now its the past gotta keep lookin to the future and hope for the best, we unwrapped the present  bt still searching for whats next
Im happy you found you, glad you found her. Cant grasp what was learned but as I stand where I am
I know what we really were..a moment in time we occured, love found, love lost, Love deferred.