lately .

ive just felt soo drained .=/
idk what it is but i just feel exhausted and i shouldnt .
i can sleep for hours and still be tired and wanna sleep .
im sooo sleepy right now but my day hasnt even started ,
its 941 i have class at 1030 out at 12 then another at 2 ,
i wont even get home til 530ish .
smh .
i cant wait til this semester is over lol im ready for a break .
i need a damn laptop so i can take some online classes .
that would be nice . lol .
but yea , thats something ill consider .

moving along . . .
you know a post isnt a post without updating my relationship lol .
we tlkd veeery briefly yesterday .
i wrote him a letter from the heart and that helped keep me content
knowing he knows exactly how i feel .
so im not really triippin ,
just fenna take this one day at a time . . .
smh .
too bad time is gonna go by slow af .
whatever is something i want so i can stick it out .
its worth it to me.

mann , trey songz - one love is playing right now , lol
i love this fuckin song , it makes me wanna cry .
but its a beautiful song . i just wanna lovve to it .
lol .
ughh i dnt have anything to say so ima leave it at thaat . . .

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