quick write:

im back here on this road again
the same road i turned off of
and then tryed again.
this road is just long and bumpy
lots of turns and stops
everytime you think youve reached your
destination you realize its jst a mirage
your still on tht road.
you pull over and check your gps
only your out of reach
in an unknown territory nothing or no one
has directions to , they can't even guess
so i kept driving til i ran out of gas
then i realized
that love and happiness is jst an illusion
constantly found
but you haven't found it to stay
bc that destination we're searching for
is a million miles away .

at some point . . .

you drop everything on the floor , you walk away . . .and you leave it
there .
if its still there when you get back , pick it up .
if its gone , keep walking .


sincerely yours :]

i love looking pretty , don't you ?


thoughts : O1.29 , 2.12am .

idk where im quite rolling w. this entry , just in the need to express
i`ve come to realize that's what im good at .
when people cmmt , its mostly on my ability to be so open
w. how i feel & why .
*shrugs shoulders*
i find it natural , bt a lot ofpeople find it hard and maybe thts me
being inconsiderate bt i get kind of offended when someone says they dnt
or can't express themselves lol
like . . .who can't speak thoughts? bt I've learned to except everyones
not as easy to just spill their ♥ out on the floor .
guess that's why its always there . . .
whatever .
i picked my spring classes today .
ill be taking 4 classes that equal 14 credits . they will be :

-intermediate algebra (my 1st math class since pre-calc my senior yr =/)
-intrapersonal communications(speech) .
-business law (my 1st required class towards my paralegal degree:]) .
-and health sciences (self explanatory) .

I've got a full load , ill be attending monday-friday (not excited abt
tht) bt , monday and fridays i only have one morning class soooo , not
so bad i guess .
i need to find a new job so i have to fit that into my schedule w.
homework lol .
i can't wait actually , im kind of excited .
i just wanna be busy . so i dnt have time to be concered abt other
things .
i jst wanna feel accomplished .
i need to figure something out tho bc my tiredness which i assume comes
frm my anemia and lack of iron keeps me tiredd and lazy alllll the
timeeee .
i feel the same way whether i get 4 hrs or 10 hrs of sleep .
never energized lol .
people think im lazy , and yeaaa ill admit tht at times i am but im
mostly just tired . my bodies tired , my brains tired .
i haven't been taking my iron pills either ,so thtprolly helps .
i dnt wnna be this tired all tha damn time bt i am .
im getting fat again cus i dnt have tha energy to fit in working out .
its just aggravating . i guess ima have to pushh myself these next
couple weeks bc i need to lose like 5lbs before skool starts on tha 16th
ugh . sometimes life jst sucks .
lately I've been pondering my negatives ... and positives .
mostly things i hate :

-i hate people tht complain all tha time .
-i hate people that are excessively angry .
-i hate people that get ignorant when their angry.
-i hate when people think i care , when i don't .
-i hate people tht try to take advantage of my kindness .
-i hate dumbasses.
-i hate liars .
-i hate extraa`d out people .
-i hate people tht do shit to try to be cool(i.e die tha back of their
hair pink and add tracks a la nicki minaj BITCH SIT DOWN.)
-i hate opinionated ppl , STFU , i really dnt care what u think!
-i hate narrowminded people .
-i hate being lonely .
-i hate being over crowded.
-i hate people.
- & i haaatee life ! >:o
lol .

shoot . is that a lot of hate ? idgaf .
i really don't , if people hate anything about me its my lazyness and my
nonchalant idgaf attitude BC I DON'T .
everythings pretty much whatever to me .
i could usually do without it . and i normally do .
like friends . going out . following trends . talking to hella niggas .
i get bored easily . and im constantly evolving .
i wont call it changing myself bc im growing and i apply everything i
learn to the betterment of myself .
i learn frm me and i learn from other people , its enlightening .
i feel better about myself for a change .
today james called ..
i actually laughed during our convo smh.
amazing the power he has ...or love shall i say .
i miss him a lot . but im doing fine .
i guess im moving on , or forward perhaps .
im not stuck , that's for sure . i just need that extra time to be
occupied . and in two weeks i will be great :)

ahh , i just hope my 2O1O gets better from here .
this year so far has been nothing but a bunchaa bs ,
im moving forward into februaryy anddddddd its gonna be
idk yet . i guess we'll find out in a month , till thennn
sayonaraaa til tomarraaa btchhhesssss , guuuuccchiiiiiii !

lol :D , ps . i wanna tumblr . . .coming sooner than later :)


blank stare .

im in pain but i don't really feel it .
im numb .
i just feel blank , my mind draws blanks .
i hate feeling like this .
its driving me crazy .
i can't even find words to describe how i feel .
im at a loss for words , and it baffles me .
iim taking this harder then i ever have before
I've never ever felt like this .
and im really just stuck here all by myself .
aint nobody here to pick me up
and i keep tryna pick myself up but i fall back .
nobody understands how i feel .
they either don't care or they pity me .
i don't want anyones fuckin pity ! i want answers .
as i layed this morning and thought .
my love don't feel the way it used to
i don't know how to get it back .
i realized that the love i have now is what's left from memories and
what left in my heart.
im scared to love him now .
how do you get scared to love the person youve been loving for so long
i guess cus our future is a big giant question mark .
the hope and faith i had in us is dwindling bc i no longer have any
control in our future .
everything relys on him and he doesn't even know what he's gonna do .
i guess im keeping myself down so that when worse comes to worse im
already down .
i feel selfish .
he's so happy right now .
its the happiest time in his life , and im truly happy for him .
i don't wanna bring that down . its selfish .
i keep tryna ignore how i feel around him cus maybe ill get better .
i was thinking about why i was jealous the other day ,
and i realized its bc he was under so much stress and it all went away
with the birth of his baby . and im nt mad at that bc i hate to see him
stressed . im so happy he can be happy .
but now that he's happy , im still miserable .
i don't have anyway to make all my pain or problems disappear . i just
have to deal .
i feel so selfish and that makes me feel even worse .
i feel like ughhhh , idk man .
the fact i never felt this way makes me feel so lost .
tryna let go doesn't work . why am i letting go of a love that hasn't
ended .
we still love each other so ....
i guess that doesn't even mean much of anything bc the fact tht we love
each other isn't changing any of the situation .
im not even forcing it .
we need time apart , he's growing .
im growing .
im not begging for him to come back to me .
im just dealing with it .
what scares me is not knowing the future .
that's why my anxiety is so bad .
i hate not knowing what's gonna happen when my feelings are so involved
im not mad that im so in love .
im mad that idk what to do now that im in it and shits getting
complicated .
walking away could seem simple but its not .
i don't wanna walk away unless im forced to ...
i feel like im gonna be .
but how do you settle to just be friends with someone your in love with
? knowing that your hearts not gonna let up of that person ?
its not the fact of not being able to not deal with being together , its
the fact idk what's going to happen .
it worries me so i let go . I've been tryna disconnect my feelings . and
im fine for the most part , then i just fall apart .
smhhhhhh .
i feel like I've been broken so many times i can't put myself back to
where i used to be . i don't wanna feel like this .
i wanna go back to the way i used to feel . i wanna start over and feel
complete . i wanna be confident and be happy .
im just talking , none of this even makes sense bc idk how i feeel . im
just trying to figure it out .
i guess i just miss what it was . but who doesn't .

late nights .

i constantly have to face my thoughts .
but it doesn't really get bad until its time for me to go to bed.
the tv goes off , lights go out , & my brain goes into overdrive smh.
its 4:33 , if i dnt find something to soothe me and take my thoughts
away id be up til the sun rises .
which i am every blue moonn .
i find my comfort in praying . i don't have anyone else to tlk to so i
guess you can't go wrong with god .
i repent for my mistakes and pray for help and forgiveness .
im not the holiest person , and i wont ever pretend i am bc their are
times i doubt gods wonders . and god forgive me but i guess thts tha
devil taking advantage .
gods blessed me with life and i wanna take it away .
what bigger sin could i possibly commit .
but i ask for his strength bc one day i will be happy and where i wanna
be and it'll mean so much more to me bc of the shit I've been through .
I've been ok ....for the most part .
i was doing good w.out him .
then he came back today , his baby was born yesterday .
(happybirthdaylove :])
i was naturally happy for him bc thts something so beautiful, i love
babies .
but at the same time it was a pain and jealousy i couldn't explain .
i wished i could've shared that happiness w. him .
i wish i had a baby , someone to love me and need me .
but its not me . i don't have a baby and im nt his bm .
i just thought about how he's prolly so happy spending time with his bby
and bbymma right now , while im still over here heartbroken and
recovering .
how selfish is that?
im not even hating tho . im happy for him and his bm . i wanna see my
(ex) stepson .
he's a part of james so ima love him regardless .
i guess it just hurts that we can't share our love that way .
if i was his bm , we wouldnt have as many problems .
well i cnt say tht for sure bt i would hope we wouldnt .
but then again , im nt his bm so moving along . . .
talking to him just brought back everything i was trying to forget .
i wanted to cry and i haven't cried in idk how many days .
he thanked me for always being there and keeping him up and helping him
to be a better man .
i could take that and appreciate it .
i just wish things wouldve worked out differently .
i can't explain why my eyes well up with tears everytime i think about
us and my throat starts to tighten and burn .
i can't explain why i wont have an appetite for a whole day then keep
eating the next .
i can't explain why as much as i wanna convince myself to let go i still
wanna hold on .
i guess you could label that heartbreak , but who's the doctor for love
and can diagnose tha symptoms for heartbreak ?
its a slow process and im working on it .
i told him to follow his heart.
his bm`s still moving to ny & he doesn't know if he's gonna go bt im
about 90% postive he is .
i told him i cnt expect him to change his life for me and as much as tht
was a lie to my ♥ , it was the truth .
his babys more impt than me so i cnt expect him to wanna stay here bc i
am and were nt even together .
but don't expect him to leave me either .
kinda just a fucked up situation which is why im tryna let go now .
idk how long im gonna deal with this , bt i truly hope tht someday soon
i stop crying everytime i think of what we used to have . . .one min im
smiling and then tha next im crying . wtf happened ?
funny this boy that likes me , tried to convince me tht since he's
having probs with his gf tht we should talk on tha low til we solve our
probs . smh .
i passed . no interest . he's nt fenna help me get over shit and im nt
fenna be tha guinea pig in anybodies relationship . im good .
he then aimed me today to say , tht he was wrong and i should just wait
until james comes back around .a nd to just keep supporting him .
likeeeee ,
you effing wierdo . just stfu .
ughh , i swear niggas be gettin on my nerves .
thts why im accustomed to only tlking to one at a time .
maybe im too serious or technical but oh weell
that's just me .
no . i don't wanna chill with you .
no . i don't wanna let you fuck .
no . i don't wanna send yu no fuckin pictures .
no . i don't wanna let you be my next bf .
and hellll fucking NO , i don't wanna be yo fuckin wifey .
idgaf that "im the type of girl you would wife"
psht . heard it too many times buddy and until someone buys me a ring
and pops it on my ring finger im seriously nt tryna hear tht shit .
i guess i wont be able to move on until i heal bc im completely bitter
and bitchy about everything having to do with a relationship .
i get mad when i see happy couples and babies bc its what i wanted and
dnt have .
i hate dudes tryna get to know me.
i don't wanna build a life or future together .
i dnt wanna help fufill your fantasies .
i don't wanna help yu bust any nuts .
i don't wanna listen to a bunch of bullshit youve told 15 other girls .
i dnt gaf about you liking me , wanting me , loving me bc i DON'T !
i don't even wanna look at you !
i guess this comes with heartbreak but ill get over it , bc no offense
to my bi or lesbian peoples but i wont ever get over penis lol .
i love it entirely too much . ...bt only the ones attached to the person
i love .
i dnt have to have it . if ily and its apart of yu , ilove it too ! lol
but yeaa , im done with my thoughts . its 5:08AM and im sleepy .
hopefully tmmws a better day . nite !


take it for what it is .

I've finally come to terms with reality .
you gotta take everything for what it is .
which usually isn't shit .
i don't know why i even told anybody i considered not living anymore .
bc now ill have a weight of guilt if i try to .
i could be selfish , but im not that heartless .
two people have practically begged me to stay
sooooooooooo ,
i guess im fuckin stuck .
smh .
but you know what i realized , a lot of times some shit you watch can
really strike you .
art imitates life .
idk how many ppl actually enjoy madea plays lol
bc yoou either love her or hate her buut
i was watching madea goes to jail (the play) and towards the end when
tha husband is all bent up bc his wife been cheatin wit his boss and he
find out that bby aint his ,
madea gives this loooong speech about love and life that really opened
my eyes .
not to sound cliche` but a lot of shit hit me that i should've been
realized .
like she says , "if someone wants to walk out on you , let em leave .
especially if you know youve given them everything you could . . ." and
then she says "sometimes we try to hold on to things god's really tryna
pull us away frm "
and it was jus like hmmm ...
damn .
i swear to you no lie . love really is blind .
I've been in this relationship faithfully .
but I've always looked at it as soo perfect tht even when shit fucks up
i take it , deal with it , fix it , and continue .
i never sit and consider how wrong it waas to me bc i never felt like he
would do me wrong .
but then its been so much on my mind lately than im thinking of all kind
of shit i never thought about .
like even tho im "his heart"
i never thought about the fact tht he's hurt his bbymma and that girl in
a fight for his heart (bc they both love him) but i never considered
what it meant to me bc im the person that always wins and keeps his
heart in the end .
its like when your messin wit a nigga thts cheating on his gf and tellin
yu how he wants you to be his girl .
suree , maybe he does but if he's cheating with yu on her then that
means he qualifies to cheat on yo ass with the next bitch .
i never could see him hurting me or losing his heart.
and i haven't bc he still does do a lot of shit tht lets me know he
still cares and loves me .
but idk why i thought we could never go wrong .
and i mean we've gone wrong plenty of times but the fact that we've
always come back together made me feel like our relationship was meant
to be . and im finally facing the fact it might not be as good as im
making it seem .
yes . were compatible . we dnt break up cus we dnt get along ,
we don't break up cus of other people,
we don't break up cus its nt working ,
we break up bc his heads not where it should be .
i guess you can't have a newborn and a gf ???

*blankstare , then shrugs shoulders*

whatever .
evryone keeps saying let it go jellie , just let it go .
and i know tht i need to but its just nt as easy as i want it to be .
this aint like givin away your last 20 bucks .
im tryna let go of someone tht been in my life for tha past year and 4
months . everyday . for the most part .
im losing a piece of me . a huge piece .
he says one day we might end up back together , yu never know but damn
who's to say we'll still feel tha same months or years frm now .
i guess if its truly meant for us to be together then we will be so its
no reason to stress it .
but the emotional end of it is haard .
nope , lifes not over .
nope , he's not the only bomb nigga in the world .
he's definately not the only nigga that wants to be w. me cus i could
name 5 right now of the top of my head .
but he's the person that has my ♥ .
regardless of the fact he broke it .
im still pissed off about it , i can't lie & act like im not bc i cnt
believe he did me like this again .
i gave him everything i have and its still nt enough to make him stay .
if yu had a girl tht would ride thru thick and thin , high and low ,
rich or poor , good or bad , pain or pleasure, thru everything ! would
yu chance losing her ?? prolly not .
but it happened . and complaining about it wont change tha situation .
it'll always be i love you , im sorry .
im sorry ....
i say sorry so much i dnt even know why i say it half the time.
sorry don't really mean much of anything .
it helps a little , but it doesn't take away what happened or make the
pain go away .
its like a bandaid til the scab starts to form .
it just covers the wound , helps yu forget about the pain til u
naturally heal and forget about it .
everyone says god has a plan , he does everything for a reason.
but idk if its god that has me so in love or just my mind .
i feel like why did he make us fall so in love if we'ree not even
compatible at the moment .
maybe this was just another lesson in love .
or maybe its just tha beginning of a lifelong commitment.
maybe his bbymma getting pregnant even tho they weren't together BEFORE
we got together was my cue our relationship wasn't gonna be perfect like
we planned .
but life doesn't stop bc of a baby .
im not tht shallow tht i had to stop loving him bc he got another girl
pregnant BEFORE we were together .
after would be another story , but i could deal .
i never realized how strong i am in relationships . ican put up with or
deal w. damn near anything (if i really want to). im solid if its where
i wanna be bc i keep my ♥ in it.
but now im so drained its like damn .
im weak .
why am i so weak?
smh . i just need skool and a job , then ill be too occupied to even be
concerned .
out of those 5 guys i could name i dnt wanna fuck any of em . and they
don't really have much to offer beside prolly a cute face and some dick
, some have money and cars some don't bt thts nt what's impt .
i need a man w. depth .
that's why me and james were so good , i connected with him not only
physically and emotionally but mentally .
we could talk about anything and everything and he always found a way to
make me smile or laugh .
even when i was upset .
these niggas aren't even phasing me . not now anyways ,
so what am i really missing?
i guess as much as id like to be 'love' isn't really for me right now .
i don't feel as tho ill ever completly heal or stop lovin james de`von
simply bc he's my 1st real love

( i know i said tht about z lol , but foreal . after everything tht
happened in tht relationship yu realize that wasn't really love . but i
wont deny the fact that i did love him . it just wasn't real like i
thought .)

i digress ...
idk what god has planned but i guess since im stuck w. life i dnt have a
choice bt to wait and find out .
i hope he has something good planned out . i honestly don't wanna look
back on all this and smh at myself at how dumb i sounded lol . cus im so
serious about how i feel .. . .bt that's now . we'll see how i feel a
few weeks from now .
overall , you live , you love , and yu learn . nite loves .


i guess life is no fair . . .no , no .

trey said it best .
bt i already knew it wasn't .
i give up on relationships .
i give up on love .
i give up on giving my ♥ away .
i give up on getting it broke .
i give up on life .
smh .
we agreed to let it go .
apparantly his head isn't in a relationship ,
that was obvious .
whatever .
i just hate that it turned out this way .
how was he so into it 2 months ago ? and now he's not .
i always looked at him like a saint .
the best bf i ever had . and to be honest he was .
im just upset that things turned out this way .
maybe i should've given up 8 months ago
bt 8 months ago i was freshly in love and totally commited.
8 months later my ♥ is weak , frm being hurt over and over .
with the ♥ i have left i wanna keep trying . i reaally really do .
but what's the point ?
he says let go . so i guess thts what i have to do .
my brain knows i can't keep doing my ♥ like this .
disoashueiwjs8wenhjr8e0owahisknzwhsweyu2owame8o1m,sj92nee FUCK !
im angry . im sad . im mad . im hurt . im frustrated . im confused . im
fucked up ! :'(
im full of emotions .
bt I've cried so many times tht i can't anymore .
but i still cry .
im just crying inside .
im dying inside .
life goes on . . .
bt my life is on pause .
i dnt really wanna live anymore .
nt bc my ♥ is broke but bc life is full of shit .
disappointment on top of disappointment .
they say if yu really want it go after it .
i really want something , go after it , and never get it or lose it .
im done man .
idc about anything anymore .
if life doesn't start to get any better idk how much longer life will
suit me .


soo . . .

i realized i only blog now to have someone to talk to .
i need new friends .
i have veerry few to begin with , bt i dnt even care for tha ones i have
now .
haven't met any new ones bc people are faker than knockoff uggs in tha
wintertimee .
i thought yu were supposed to find "lifetime friends" in college ?
maybe tht only applies to 4 year universities .
my skool is like a big ass high skool smh . tthats what it reminds me of
fake niggas . fake bitches . lames and extraa'd out people .
im straight . its really contradictive since i enjoy having friends but
im anti.social . . but shit
what's tha point of friends if they not real friends?
id rather be my own friend and enjoy my own company and never betray
myself .
moving along . . .
i dnt even have a real reason to blog . im annoyed .
my mom is drunk again . talking our ears off about shit frm tha past tht
i have no idea what she's talking about .
i can't sleep cus she's tlking .
i wannaaa runnnnn awaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
i hope tha rain stops on saturday . this rain got me goin crazy . but
only cus its inconvenient when i do wanna go places .
my car is a bucket but it runs in and all the problems i knew it had are
in compatible w. rainy weather .
i need new windshield wiper blades .= i can't see clear .
i need a new heater cord w.e its called= my heater & my defroster dnt
work .
i need a piece on my sway bar =my car swerves when i drive over 40mph .
now wtf ! am i posed to do with tht piece a shit ?
there's no purpose in having a car if your gonna be freezing cold , go
blind straining your eyes , and start traffic cus yu can't go over 40
mph .
i need tha SUN to shinee !
i really want for skool to start back . i need something to do .
school starts february 16th . i have to pick my classes on tha 28th and
time isn't moving fast enough .
im aiming for a 3.33 this semester :)
im gonna try to take 2 online classes so i can find another job bc im
more than tired of being broke .
that's one of tha reasons im so damn unhappy .
i hate not being able to do what i want when i want . or buy what i want
when i want . i dnt really care where tf i work at this point . i need
a job . buuut i still reject fast food lol .
oh well .
i just wanna work hard .
and stay busy so that i dnt focus on what i miss .
i talked to james .
i said i was letting go , and i am .
but i just needed one last convo .
i didn't wanna say bye .
after i we said goodnight i just sent him some pics and told him to hhit
me up when he's ready to see me . cus that's all i want .
i just want to have that face to face convo . til then we need time
apart to know what we want .
i already know were not fenna get back together , not for awhile
anywayss .
he wants to talk to other bitches . im already knowin .
bt he's young so whatever . but i wish i didn't have to be tha on & off
gf .
its not me , its him . I've never cheated . i dnt wanna tlk to other
niggas . but that's what he wants . were a year and 4 months apart but i
have my mind andheart made up and he's still figuring it out .
i guess ima just go back to doin me .
prolly leave niggas out tha picture for awhile cus thts not even what i
care about .
i just wanna go to skool and work and get back to where i used to be .
maybe things a work out then .
hopefully next month is a better month .
i doubt it .
i doubt alotta shit nowadays .
but whaaaatever . im pretty much at fuck you & fuck life status .
i dnt care abt tooo much of anything anymore bc when i do i just get let
down . smh .
life is full of unfortunate surprises yea ?
anyways im fenna try to go back to sleeping my life away . nite nite .


letting go .

i dnt want to but i have to .
at this point i feel like its tha only way .
i have to detach my feelings in order to heal .
my heart is so lost .
its pulling me in two directions .
i feel like if i don't let go now im gonna start losing love .
i love him to death , ill always love him .
but its only so much my ♥ can take .
he makes me soooo happy but i always end up in some kind of heartache .
and i wont blame it all on him bc he cnt control my emotions .
neither can i .
i wanted to be in love bt i didn't wanna be so deep that idk what to do
im dealing with self issues , relationship issues , family issues .
its overwhelming but i maintain .
i wish things in life worked out the way their supposed to .
i wish yu could hit a fast foward button and get to the happy part .
thru all the pain .
i realized i can't get over him and her .
and the fact he admitted he's still in love with her jus reopened a
wound that wasn't completely healed .
how am i supposed to get over it when he's not even over her ?
i have to constantly be reminded of her .
the girl he fell in love with while he was still in love with me . the
girl he left me for (then realized wasn't what he wanted ).
karma is such a bitch .
bc i did that to z .
i fell in love with james while i was in love with z .
and i don't regret it but i never thought it would come back to slap me
in tha face .
i regret everything ! i put james thru and even tht i put z thru even
tho he wasn't worth shit bc now im dealing with every single heartbreak
and emotion i put james thru and it tearing me apart .
just thinking about him loving her makes me cry bc it hurts soo fucking
bad .
i can't make him stop . and tht hurts just as bad bc i know i cnt get
rid of her bc he still cares for her .
its too much .
i can't handle it . its like my love alone isn't good enough . and i
know it is . he tells me over and over he don't wanna be with her . and
he don't love her more than me but he's stillgetting over her and it
takes time . i understand tht .
but i cnt keep suppressing my pain in tha meanwhile .
i forgave him . i always forgive him . and i dnt have a problem
forgiving people . bc i dnt wanna be bitter .
but idk if that's why its easier for him to make a mistake bc he knows i
love him enough to forgive him .
he told me i deserve better bc he can't seem to do right by me .
and idk why i cnt believe him and let go .
probably bc my ♥ doesn't want to .
i need time .
he needs time .
maybe things a work out .
maybe they wont .
im not even sure anymore .
i know what i want but just bc its what i want doesn't mean its what'll
happen . i don't even wanna get my hopes up anymore so i don't add on to
my disappointment if it doesn't .
i wonder if everyone goes thru this type of heartache .
love is supposed to be so simple .
and to be honest our love itself is simple .
but the predicaments around it are complicated .
i want him to love me and wanna be with me bc he wants to be . not bc he
feels obligated or pitys tha way i feel .
ill give him time to figure out what he wants bc i need to know whether
to stay or walk away .
like my sis says , if its meant to be it will . everything works out in
time if yu give it time and he always comes back to you .
but how many times do i let him leave and come back before i don't let
him come back again ?
the part that hurts the most is that everysingle time we've broken up it
was never bc of me but bc of something he's going thru in his personal
life .
how many times do i have to get hurt bc he gets overwhelmed and unsure
i could stand by his side thru everything . and i have so far , but only
if he wants me to be there .
i don't want him to feel sorry for me and give up bc im hurt . if he
knows he can do right and that's wht he wants then ill be here .
but it seems like everytime i convince myself its gonna be diff this
time and were gonna last , we don't .
and idk if its my fault for putting up with it or his for not being able
to handle our relationship while he's dealing with shit even tho it
isn't really interrupting anything .
i think the fact he knows he can't give me what i deserve right now eats
away at him . but see none of that matters to me . i don't need money ,
gifts , all his time , all his attention . i just want all his love and
all his dedication .
everything else can be worked out .
im so simple . so easy to please .
all i want is all his love .
and i guess i fucked up bc when i had it i let my exbf tlk his way back
into tha picture and i hurt james bad .
i wonder if i wouldve left z when me and james first found out we liked
each other and tht we might be good in a relationship that things
wouldnt be so fucked up now .
if i didn't hurt james so many times btwn january and august i wonder if
karma wouldnt fuck me over so bad .
january to august :'(
i had no idea how long i hurt him .
that just made me cryyyy .
i didn't even fall in love with him until may .
he's been loving me since january !
how could i put him thru this for 8 months
i had no idea how bad this hurt .
I've been getting hurt since june , so i guess were almost even huh .
i can never apologize enough times bc my ♥ will aways hold an ounce of
guilt for the shit i put him thru when he loved me way more than z ever
could and i knew that ! but i was so brainwashed and stuck on stupid tht
i convinced myself me and z's love was so real .
if yu ask me he never really loved me .
he loved my attention .
if you have my ♥ then i give you my all .
i guess if that's what yu want yu luck up when i fall in love with you
but the most important lesson I've learned so far is only loving one
person at a time .
bc love triangles drain the heart til its nothing left .
i hope james and i survive all of this .
and i hope at some point he falls out of love with her and doesn't feel
like she needs to be in his life and tht im all he needs.
and if he doesn't then at some point ill prolly fall out of love and
feel like i don't need him in mine .
bc although i can put up with a lot , i can't deal with not having his
complete heart when i know he has mine . i can't deal with him smiling
about and loving another girl the way he does me while he's with me .
its crippling .
but all i can do is pray . bc god is the only one that has the answers
and i hope he answers my prayers soon .


2am .

i just woke up .
probably bc i forced myself to fall asleep .
i made him mad .
i didn't mean to . bt i guess thts how it goes .
he told me i should let go .
i was offended .
we been thru so much together and yu want me to let go ??
yu cnt get over yo ex but im supposed to let go ?
did yu tell tht bitch to let go ?!
smh .
i don't wanna let go .
but when i finally said to myself "angelica just let go if its what he
wants" and i tell him ima let go , he says "i guess and to do what i
gotta do ."
wtf .
he gon get mad cus i was gon do what he asked me to ?
i don't know what he wants anymore .
he doesn't either .
he told me to stop , not to ask him anything else and the way i felt
when he said it scared me .
i just stopped .
i didn't say anything else . the convo was over . i turned over and went
to sleep .
i know he don't want me to let go . why would he ?
but he's tired of hurting me . he told me i deserve better than him and
yeaa , but so what .
he's only 20 , he's still young he's gonna fuck up .
i expect that . why would i give up on someone who i love and i know
loves me back to take chances finding someone else ? i don't wanna lose
what we have mentally .
its powerful .
i want that .
but i don't even have any words for him . he said he needed 2 days . he
can have more than that .
what's a couple more days in pain .
im accustomed to this feeling now .
i woke up and got slapped wit pain .
my stomach feels like its about burst .
im not full .
and this is beyond hunger .
i can't move so ima just lay here til it fades and i can sleep again .
i woke up wanting to apologize like i normally do .
bt i always simp up first . but thts ok bc i be needing to get it off my
chest .
at this point i hear me sounding like broken records
i can't love him anymore than i already do .
i have nothing more to give .
so if my all isn't enough i guess im fucked .
if we don't get married . or have kids then i guess i wont .
bc i cnt see anybody else being a better father . i don't wanna deal
with anybody else another 20 years . i don't wanna give myself away to
anybody else .
i know that for a fact .
im upset that god made someone so perfect but gave us so many hurdles .
he's breaking us .
or maybe that's not even him .
but letting go of life seems so much more peaceful .
but i haven't decided if breaking their hearts for tha rest of my loved
ones lives is worth my own satisfaction .
its pretty selfish . but we livin for ourselves anyways .
ill ponder this for the next couple days .
if i dnt post for awhile you know what i chose .


the end .

we broke up again .
i don't even feel anything .
i guess since i knew it was gonna happen it doesn't hurt so bad .
i haven't even ate today .
and i would like to but my stomach isn't right .
i threw up in tha shower .
i know its stress bc my stomach burns .
i dnt feel stressed bt i know tht deep down inside im in pain . it hurts
to be let down so many times by the one yu love even tho your told over
and over how this times gonna be different .
"im not gonna give up when things get hard"
but things get hard .
and he gives up .
not on us , but on our relationship for the moment .
i go thru what i go thru but i dnt feel like i wanna give up on our
relationship bc we have problems .
i assume he gets overwhelmed with trying to handle everything .
he says i don't understand . but id like to .
he said he's nt happy with hisself .
shit neither am i , but he makes me happy .
maybe i don't make him happy enough .
i feel so empty .
not as maxed out as i normally am when we break up .
but i don't feel anything .
i don't even know what to say . how to act . what to think . how to feel
. . .
i just feel all alone .
i don't have friends . i don't have a bf .
people don't understand me .
and i dnt know if i really want them too .
i don't need anyone being judgemental about my life and how i feel .
i can't help how i feel and i don't feel bad about it .
you either respect it or you don't .
i hope my kids never feel this way .
i want them to have a great happy childhood .
a happy life .
im really tired .
i feel like im fenna pull myself away from everybody .
im tired of always giving my all and that's not good enough .
i hope james can pull hisself away frm his ex bc i really feel him
losing my heart if he can't .
i don't want him to lose me . i don't wanna lose him either .
i feel like it'll all be worth it in the end when were finally together
i don't wanna feel like all this was a waste of time bc we have soo much
love for each other . so i guess its impossible to be a waste . but i
want us to be successful thru the struggles . i been beside him thru
everything . and im still beside him. i just don't know where to stand .

man .

im not the hostile type .
well not on a regular basis anyways .
im usually calm cool & collected & nt with tha action & tha drama .
and even tho i may be insecure . one thing i DO NOT & WILL NOT tolerate
is being disrespected , walked over , bypassed ect .
you got me fucked up !
im so angry right now . im ready to get up and start droppin bitches .
i rarely get this mad ! like once every 2 months rare !
im the sweetest person ever bt yu do not wanna piss me tf off . i
promise you im not tha same person .
yu wanna see a angry crazy bitch ? prolly not bt thts what your gonna
get cus im past caring . im just angry . i do shit i don't mean to and
say shit i don't mean (sometimes) .
its not cute & thts exactly why i normally maintain my lowkey composure
but i can only deal with so much til someone pushes that alert! button
and im over tha edge !
smh . i wish i could go into detail bt im not .
i just needed to vent so tht i could possibly fall asleep without being
mad all nite .
smh . im calm right now bt im still upset .
sometimes things just don't make sense .
i hate only knowing half of the story .
i hate waiting . i hate bitches . i hate fucking people .
im still nt fenna be able to fall asleep as easily as i thought bt i
guess .
can't figure things out til tmw anyways .
gn readers .


i woke up today . . .

& i was happy :)
i realized my life has to go on with or without what i want .
i guess life is never fair but if i keep myself occupied maybe i wont
focus so much on tha things that bring me down .
i can't lie , i miss my bf right now , but i don't need him .
i mean i need his love bc it keeps me happy .
but i wanna be happy without his love .
if i don't learn to do that our relationship wont mean as much .
i don't want heartbreak but i feel as tho if we break up again im
letting it all go .
its time to refocus on angelica .
people come & go , bt ima be here til i choose nt to be or god takes me
might as well enjoy myself in tha process :)

love & life .

i had a long day today .
i learned , i had an understanding , i grew .
today i watched "not easily broken" & it wasn't my first time seeing it
but for w.e reason , it made me think more abt love and life .
i cryed bc i related on a lot of things . i understood .
i was happy at the end bc they didn't give up on their love .
on life .
i did a lot of thinking about my life .
i hate my life .
always have since about 5th or 6th grade , and i layed and tryed to
understand why ?
it makes me so sad that i don't love myself the way that i should .
and i couldn't come up with any reasons for why i shouldn't .
i grew up with both parents . i wasn't molested or beat . i didn't grow
up in the ghetto or withhout morals or rules .
my mother worked hard to give me a good childhood , a good life .
i never wanted for anything , not as a child anyway .
i got everything i wanted for xmas . i had friends . i did good in skool
. i even got a best reader award at my 6th grade promotion .
but now that i said that you know that's the first time I've actually
remembered that since i prolly got it .
i never give myself any credit . im not sure if its modesty or
insecurity .
I've made 4.0`s , 3.0`s shit , my 1st semester in college i maintained a
3.0 .
I've always been told i was smart . I've always earned A's & B's but
I've never felt smart . i mean i know im not stupid . i don't think im
stupid . i just always feel like someones smarter . but see im very
intelligent . it reflects a lot when i talk and write bc people notice
and always bring it to my attention . im not ashamed lol . i like it .
ignorant is something i was taught not to be . i digress . .
even to I've been told i was pretty/beautiful my whole life , it took me
til about 10th grade to actually see MYSELF as pretty . sometimes i look
in the mirror and i still don't see what other people see . but i don't
understand why i don't see it . bc I've never been called ugly . fat
maybe lol , never ugly . to my knowledge , shit everyones entitled to
their own opinion :)
i digress . . .
my self esteem had been low for as long as I've been old enough to have
self esteem . and i still can't understand why.
i tryed to figure oout how the way i love fits into my life and i
realized that since i was little I've always admired love . princesses &
princes , barbie & ken . mom & dad . boyf & girlf . I've always wanted
to just be in love and happily ever after . but in all those fairy tales
they never tell you how hard it is . that love has ups and downs .
stresses and struggles . tha bad and the good . love isn't just
happiness and smiles til yu get old and die . but it can be if yu work
at it .
I've blogged about a million times about how much i love james and no
matter how many times i express the way i feel yall could never
understand the way he makes me feel or what he meaans to me .
because by myself . I've always hated myself , always wanted to die ,
just never tried . bc see in the back of my ♥ , i wanna see life . i
wanna live life . and im heartbroken that i don't understand why i feel
tht way . I've learned to love myself but see not to the point i know im
supposed to .
i say all the time i love james more then me . and i shouldn't but i do
. then the more i thought , it dawned on me that he loves me more than i
love myself . and i cried .
bc at that point it all made sense . i never thought about it before but
when i feel like dying and i say things of that nature . HE gets mad .
he haaaates when i say shit about not wanting to live and he tells me
not to say things like that and that it makes him sad . . .how can he
love me so much that he wants me to live even when i wanna die?
why don't i love myself enough to wanna live? what am i missing ? why
would i give my life to save his in a heatbeat? why do i wanna die if he
ever left my life ?
i think the way i feel about myself has a lot to do with my insecurities
and how i get insecure in our relationship . i feel inferior to other
girls bc i feel like he might think their prettier than me . or have a
nicer body . or have more money . more independent . everything i feel
insecure about . but then i thought about how he calls me beautiful .
and he tells me every chance he gets . and he likes my body and doesn't
care that i don't . he always says " idc if yu don't like it bc i do" .
he's never once said anything to me about not having a job or nt having
my own place even tho im 21 . he never even complained about me not
having a car when i didn't . and for that im soo fucking grateful . bc i
never thought about how all the shit i worry about never mattered to him
. im ashamed . i can't believe how it took me this long to see all this
he always says i deserve better than him . but sometimes i don't feel
like i deserve him .
he's made his mistakes but one thing i never forgot that he told me is
"im growing and i want you to be here while i grow " and from that day
til now , i never left . i don't wanna leave . bc see like that movie ,
im not easily broken . and i cherish him . his ♥ and his love . he
tells me i worry i too much and i do . i have anxiety and i admit
sometimes it does get bad . i worry too much about every little thing
and although i know i should probably let go . its hard for me . but im
trying , im tryinggg bc i know that if i don't learn to live and let go
ill corrupt what we have bc im holding on too tight .
I've always wanted kids . thought about it . but i just realized how
much i need it . i want something to live for . i don't wanna get
depressed and give up on life . i should live for me . but i think i
live for my mom and james more than for myself bc if i didnt have them i
prolly wouldve done something dumb along time ago . . .
i don't want them to feel responsible for me living bc they shouldn't
have to , it isn't fair .
i can't even imagine my mom knowing i felt this way about me and my life
can't imagine her at my funeral .
and i don't wanna imagine myself at hers .
she's getting sick . and she's getting worse . she had breast cancer
when i was really young bt survived but now its like frm years of
alcohol abuse , drug use , and cigerettesmoking i knoooow their gonna
say she has something wrong with her . she's unhealthy and it really
breaks my ♥ bc she wont go to tha doctor .
my mom is and has always been my provider , she gave me life and if i
lose her anytime soon my whole worlds gonna come crashing down bc she
provides my food and shelter , she helps me when i need it . she's there
. if you take her away my whole life will change . and she'd give
anything for her 1st grandbaby but i need her to stay alive for at least
another 10 years so that i could give her that . i really want to bc i
would regret not giving her that . . . and on another note my dad . . .
i haven't seen in almost 2 years now . not bc i can't or don't want to
bt jus bc i haven't . and that's a poor excuse . and in this 2 years
I've been gone he's only provided me withhhhhhhh . . . 300$ for books
for skool (which wasn't enough) $80 for my 21st birthday $60 for my
phone and maybe an occasional 20$ or 40$ bc i asked . i never ask my
dad for anything and its nt bc i dnt want to but bc he always says he
cnt help or doesn't help the way i need to . he said he didn't have
money to buy me a plane ticket my own gma's funeral . smh . i feel sad .
he's getting old and he still works . i think he's gonna work hisself to
death and ever since my mom left him , then i moved down here its just
been him . i couldve stayed with him , but he crushed my dream when he
wouldnt let me go to FIDM and rearranged my whole after hs life . . .
so i left . it took me two years to go back to skool bt im there now . i
know what i want and im determined to get to it . i just wish i had
enough life motivation to keep me going when the rest of my life isn't
breaking me down .
i hold onto james bc he inspires me . he's motivated and determined . he
works hard . i admire him not bc he's my bf but bc of who he is and what
he does as a person . he makes me happy and when im happy i accomplish
things too . and im happy to share that with him . and he's happy for me
and there's nothing i love more then making him happy lol .
i jst wish i could take away his pain & problems and replace them with
making him happier . i hope i get that chance .
but i just poured my heart and secrets out so my heart feels a little
lighter but my head is killinnnn me , so on that note . ill be back
sooner than later .


spoke too soon .

i don't even have any words .
but my intuition was preety on track .
i asked him if i was ruining us or felt like we was about to break up .
he said he felt it too .
he told me to just chill .
i don't know how to feel .
i could feel it cus what we used to do now we don't .
he used to txt me and wake me up every morning .
i miss that .
now i do it but its nt tha same .
i feel like im saying i love you too much .
but when he says it back its "ily2" .
like .
i feel dumb .
i miss him tellin me i love you . maybe i don't deserve one.
i feel like im loving so hard tht im losing myself .
that can't be good .
its kinda how i used to feel with z .
like im giving all my love but no matter how much i give it , it doesn't
change anything .
i can tell him i love you a million times but when does i love you ever
mean more than it already does?
everytime i say i love you . its bc my love just grew that muc more .
but i guess i can't expect someone else to love the same way i do .
my love really is one of a kind .
im not even mad .
i don't even care .
no wait im lying . cus i do care .
i really don't wanna lose our relationship over my insecurities and
that's what breaks down relationships .
man i really wish i had my confidence i had back .
i guess i gotta wait to get it back .
i can get it back .
but it takes time . i just don't know how much time .
i don't wanna lose his love in the process .
im already mad at myself for feeling like this .
i just wannna . . .
go away .
drive away .
go somewhere .
dissappear .
i just need . . .idk what i need . i just don't even wanna feel anymore
. i wanna be numb . and not get hurt and not cry and not get offended
and not be a sensitive ass baby .
i hate being fuckin sensitive .
i shouldn't be this emotional .
i really hate it .
its the little things for me .
they can bring me up or down .
i don't feel like i have anybody anymore .
nobody to listen to me be hurt .
james just reads my blogs now but he doesn't say anything.
he has enough to worry abt then me and my feelins .
prolly tired of how i feel .
my sister doesn't really listen anymore either .
and i dnt share my problems with anyone else ,
so im left with blogging .
i guess yu come in this world by yourself & go out tha same way .
i just want things to go back the way they used to be .


was full of excitement .
and not tha good kind .
woke up , texted my babe to say gd morning and ily .
his cousin replied and said he left to his sisters .
i could tell he was mad , and i aked what was wrng and basically he said
to ask james bt i asked him anyways cus i knew i wasn't gon tlk to james
for awhile .
he said they got into over some bs abt tht "girl" that james almost left
me for a few months ago .
in my head im like he still tlk to her?
so iwas like he still tlks to her?
his cousin agreed and so i was like oh yep . that's wassup .
so then 15 mins past and im mad af . like wtf !
so i was like um can yu txt yo sis and ask james to call me plz .
so he was like he here now .
so he calls me like wassup . but i didn't wanna come at him foul cus
that's not how i am so i asked him like why yu and b b mad ?
he was like over some bs ect ect .
so we got down to me askin him if he still tlks to tha girl .
he said not like that .
blah .
fasssst forward .
he admitted he still loves her .
i went numb for about 30 mins .
i already knew he did but knowing how good we are i didn't wanna fuck up
how good we been .
facing reality was the hardest slap in the face .
my heart felt heavy . i just went blank . i jus layed there .
i couldn't reply . at a loss for words . i just cried .
then i stopped . cus fuck that im not fenna deal with tht no more .
i told him to choose . cus i i swear to god , i don't hate nobody but
fuckkkkkkk i dislike that girl with a passsion .
just soo disrespectful ! like wtf . i cnt even get into my reasons why.
but jus know she's foul & i don't like her .
if that's who he wanna be wit then fine be with her but don't drag me
thru this heartbreak again , yu feel me .
but he made his choice .
me . i had my fingers crossed. i had hope in us . i can tell his love is
back for me but idnt like to convince myself of anything anymore .
that's how yu get dissappointed . i ask , and go oon answers . but even
answers change so what tf so yu have?
i don't want our relationship to change . i don't wanna trip all the
time , i don't wanna become annoying . i don't want him to get tired of
me .
i feel like im ruining it trying to save it . .
then its gonna be my fault if it fucks up and i have to deal with it .
im worried . i feel like im getting insecure mann .
i don't wanna be insecure man . im tryna get over my last insecurites .
smh .
i think its best to just leave him alone and give him some space and
hope he starts to miss me . or maybe its cus i just started my menstrual
and i been super emo frm it .
i think . . .
we jus been bumpin heads cus we miss each other .
yu know how like yu and yo nigga don't see each other for awhile and
yall both grouchy and all you do is fuss and fight then yu see each
other and yall just feel good again . yu fuck and it all makes up . lol
i think we jus need to feel each other . i hope that's what it is :-/
we gon be good tho . i think as long as we have the same goals and our
♥ stays in tha same place , we'll be strate .
after a bunch of contemplation i realized how hard a relationship really
is , but its about understanding each other and growing . and working at
it .
sometimes im good . and sometimes i get upset .
and sometimes i get jealous , but damn , im only human .
i wanna be the best girlfriend i can be , but its hard when you tryna
please someone else without neglecting yourself and how yu feel too .
but im learning to compromise . .
i love him . the good , tha bad , the ugly .
we gon laugh , talk , fuss , fight , play and miss each other and get
tired of each other but shit at the end of the day we always gon say i
love you . . .


reclusion .

is it just me or do i look like im in pain lol .
my face says all my emotions without me ever expressing them .
probably why my mom always knows when im up and when im down . . .
im in my antisocial mood . just doing a lot of thinking .
when i don't have anything to do or no one to talk to yu , all i do is
blog but im not mad , i been neglecting my blog anyways .
224 followers yet i feel like no one even reads what i say anymore . i
guess people are too lazy or don't care enough to comment anymore .
.that was the best part of blogging was reading peoples comments that
related and let yu know you weren't the only person feeling like that .
its cool tho , shit i don't expect people to relate or understand my
life . its mine .
im kind of in a withdrawal . im trying to detach myself from my emotions
so i can focus on the big picture .
but im still lost .
trying to understand the purpose of love . im starting to think love is
just a theory that's introduced to us at a young age and we tend to make
up what its like in our own minds . how does something captivate you and
your emotions so much that you'd die for it? can't live without it?
its really how i feel tho .
from 19 to 21 I've been battling relationships and love . and now that
I've finally found REAL love . .im defeated .
i found out what my weakness is . . and its being in love .
but not just love , its also the person im in love with , i can't
believe i found my happiness in him . with him . from him , whatever it
is , he does it .
i was depressed before i met him and he brought me out of that state of
mind to a point where im happy to wake up every morning . happy to live
. and without him i dwindle back into sadness and depression .
it probably has to do with the fact im always alone .
but lonliness isn't so bad when you know its always someone there to
comfort you .
i have people to talk to , people i could kick it with but if those
aren't the people you wanna be with or around then its not enjoying .
i like people . but i just don't like peoples ways . i don't trust them
. everyones sneaky . conniving . fake . pretending . i hate finding out
shit about people , its disappointing . that's why im satisfied being my
own best friend . my boyf is the only person i fully trust , i tell him
everything . my hopes , dreams , wants , emotions , things that scare me
, hurt me .
its hard to think about losing someone you just shared your whole world
with . if he's gone , who is there? its hard to satisfy yourself . i
can't give myself answers to my own questions . reasons for my own
unreasoning .
im annoyed right now .
i need my boyf . i miss him .
i need him to make me laugh right now .
im so fucking doooowwnnnnn . i hate feeling like this .
i wanna just drive and go get him . just to spend time and stare at him
and smile .
im running out of thoughts . . well actually they're being interrupted
by people complaining .
ill be back sooner than later .

i can't sleep .

can't eat . can't think .
i can't erase the pain . . .
cus i still feel your heartbeat a million miles away . . .

i swear trey songz has a song to fit every situation .
first it was love lost . then holla if you need me .
and somehow i feel the next ones gonna be black roses .
i can't stop crying .
i cry everyday . how do i stop?
im not crying bc he's hurting me im crying out of fear .
we're still together . we still have regular days . but even when i
smile i have to remember i still might lose him .
i can't believe i let myself fall this deep .
when did i stop protecting myself ?
i can't save myself . my heart . my love . my life .
for the last 5 hours I've been trying to imagine living without him .
i feel weak for depending so much on his presence to hold me down .
but if you ever met a guy like him . and felt a love like his , you
prolly wouldnt wanna lose it either .
realistically , i can live without him .
walking dead .
no heartbeat . no soul . no love . no happiness . in pain .
tryna heal a wound that prolly wont ever heal .
i don't trust guys so i don't need they fake ass words tryna be bandages
to my broken heart.
people don't understand . i don't even know if everyone that's ever been
in love feels love the way i do .
so people say it without understanding the depth of the most powerful
and pure emotion known .
i was made w. love . brought up w. love . born to be in love w. love . i
wanna be in love . i AM finally IN LOVE . and i am blessed ! that he
loves me back .
not the "i love u" back cus i wanna fuck . the i love yu back cus i want
some money . the i love you back cus i wanna manipulate you and the
power i have over your heart.
he loves me for me .
i understand his love , i comprehend it . it feels the same way i give
it -- 200%. it completes me . loving this man makes me the happiest i
ever been in my life . .a natural happiness within my heart i think
people search for all their lives . a true love .
i don't understand .
everything happens for a reason , as a lesson . but what's this lesson?
god has taken him more than once and everytime i prayed for him back ,
he answered my prayers .
he restored us .
but here's another obstacle . we're supposed to make it past all these
obstacles ! bt idk about this one .
im scared . im trying to prepare myself for heartbreak but all i do is
cry .
i can't feel how he feels anymore . he doesn't know what he's going to
do .
everything past doesn't even really matter , what about being engaged?
what about promising you wouldnt leave?
what about telling me you couldn't hurt me again?
i feel like a empty ass jar .
i don't understand words . promises . emotions . life .
they all lead to disappointment , no matter what .
what i see isn't what he see's . i feel selfish . . .
im refusing to let go . bc to let go , would be letting go of me .
and watch my heart walk away and no longer beat would leave me
.....lifeless .
and if i wrote a suicide note , it would be full of apologies and i love
yous . bc my selfishness would break more hearts than mines . but the
difference btwn them and me?
they all have someone to turn to .
someone to keep them up .
he's my backbone . my support and has been for idk how long . he cared
about me when he didn't have to . cared about me prolly way more than a
lot of people i was calling my friends before i met him .
to meet ssomeone as beautiful and caring and just one of a kind as james
is a blessing bc i swear to god I've never met anyone his age or my age
for that matter with the wisdom and love he has . i didn't fall in love
with his babyface ..his smile..his laugh.. his personality . i fell in
love with his honesty . his respect . his intelligence . his heart . his
soul .
i could probably go hours talking about my love for him . probably
boring half of you bt idgaf cus its my blog and im free to write
whatever tf comes off my mind . im venting .
writing down thoughts so that maybe i can understand why im trapped in
this love . but i don't wanna get out . its kinda like when one person
in an old couple that have been married for many many years dies , and
within tha next year the other one dies bc they can't live without tht
person . its kinda how i feel .
we'ree not old . and were not married . and have only been on&off for
about a year . .but we got a old people love lol .
a lifetime love . i could be satisfied with his love for a lifetime .
and i could deal with ups and downs . and breakups and makeups . and
struggles and stress bc he's where i wanna be and who i wanna be with .
i don't even know if any of this makes sense . some of yall prolly think
im crazy but im not . im just a girl in love that's had one too many
heartbreaks fighting to not lose the only person that ever took the time
to pick up the pieces to my heart , put it back together & cherish it .


somewhere in between. . .

staying and going .
im not sure whether to stay or walk away .
i want to stay , my heart says stay , don't let go , don't walk away. .
but somewhere i wanna give up , i wanna just say its never gonna work ,
im never gonna get what i want so i should stop trying to convince
myself .
but how do i know if i give up that i might miss that opportunity to
have my love and my life ?
but on the other hand , who's to say if i keep trying i wont be just as
heartbroken as i would be if i woulda gave up long time ago . . .
im so so lost .
idk how im supposed to feel , how im supposed to act .
idk what's right , what's wrong .
am i wrong to not wanna give up my heart and fight to stay with my man
even tho that means that he might not be a family with his baby and bm
but that's untrue bc i feel like if he's in his life they'll be a family
regardless .
he wanted to be with me . he asked to marry me , he told me he wanted a
family and life WITH ME .
so am i really wrong to be believing in what i was told?
am i wrong to fight for what i feel I've worked hard for ?
im not battling his son . his baby is his and will always be .
he will always come before me and i respect that , a child should .
but i refuse to lose my love bc of it . im his gf , his "wife" .
i shouldn't feel like im losing to his son .
i wanna be there to help him .
im not mad at him having a baby . im not tryna keep him frm his bm ,
that's his family . but his bm is not his girl and i feel if he ever
contemplated it , he should've told me and not made me feel like there
wasn't anymore breaking us .
everytime we get back together were so focused and its like nothing can
break us , we in it til the end then something big falls in his lap and
he's back to being unsure . .
it hurts me . i don't expect him to make promises that's impossible to
keep .
but i don't want him to doubt the ones he made bc shit gets hard .
i never doubt anything he tells me bc i never doubt what i tell him .
im with him thru anything and everything.
so im upset everytime he becomes stressed bc he has to make the right
choice but it alters everything he wanted at first .
i love him to death , i don't even wanna live without him .
and to agree to go without him breaks my ♥ in a billion pieces .
i never wanted to feel like i was a problem or in the way , im just a
seperate situation .
and he never says im in the way . he never says im a problem. i know he
loves me and doesn't wanna hurt me but i can't understand why come
everything falls apart so easily when things get hard . and why our
relationship is always the first thing to be considered to go .
i don't wanna feel selfish , like . . .
am i wrong to still wanna keep my bf even tho he has a baby?
i don't feel like james having a girl robs his son of having a family .
he has his mother , his father , and even me .
i can respect them being a family for his sons sake but im more
concerned about whether he wants to try to have a relationship with his
bm in order to have that . . .
i know he loves he but im unsure as to if he's not with her bc of me ,
like if me and him wasn't together , would they be? or does he really nt
wanna be with her?
i feel like im the only one that's still fighting to keep us , according
to everything we've talked about . he said if he wasn't still fighting
he wouldve been left , but i know he's not sure if he wants to .
i don't want him to .
i feel like if at that moment when he decided he wanted to marry me and
decided i was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with ,
then he knew that no matter what fell in front of us , he wanted to be
with me and we would work through it .
but how do i compete with his son ? and his family ? im not a part of
that , im a separate relationship .
i feel like no one understands how i feel . or supports how i feel . .
everythings about what's best for his son but would i be bad for him ?
ughhhh , im so lost :'(
i feel like james is neglecting everything HE wants bc he wants to make
sure he's making the right choice for his baby . and i can understand
that . i respect that .
but moving to new york to stay close is already a huge step .
leaving the person you love bc of it? it'll still be hard for him. buti
don't wanna let him setlle for that . bc i still wanna be there . but i
can't force him to want me to be in the picture . i don't wanna keep
believing everything he told me or promised me will still happen if he
nt even sure he believes it anymore .
am i dumb to not wanna let go ? to wanna follow my heart bc i know if i
let him leave ill always have a open wound in my heart that'll never
or should i just break my own heart and sacrifice my own happiness and
let him go and live his life and be happy for him .
nothings ever easy .
i want it to be . i want him to jus say i love you baby and i don't
wanna lose you , i wanna have my son and my wife . but that's just me
fantasizing . . .
cus somethings telling me he's gonna say he loves me but he's tired of
hurting me and needs to give his son a regular home . . . and settle
being in love with his bm instead of keeping the love he already has .
what hurts is that she wants him . and she has all the control right now
. she has his son , she's making the choice to move to ny with his son
and if he moves she's the person he's going to stay with .
she wants my man and it hurts her that he doesn't want her back . but
wtf can i do? im just his gf . the person she wanna be . he said he
wasn't gonna let her bully him out the relationship but her foul ass
guilt trip she's set up is faulty . i don't know how he feels bc he
hasn't explained it to me but somehow i feel like he feels like if he
doesn't try to give his son a "family" feel it'll be diff. . .but they
wont be together his whole life . .bc that's not how he felt to begin
with . but idk these are just what i think , not what i know .
who knows , they might fall madly in love and have a great family , im
not gon hate on it . . .
i just wish i could keep the man that has my ♥ , mind and soul that
I've fought for for a year . i could be engaged and wake up next to him
everymorning . i could live the life we talked about and have the family
we wanted . .
but everything don't work out the way yu plan . . i guess that's just
life .


i give up .

what's the point of trying if you always lose ?
no matter how hard i try it never works .
im losing hope .
fuck hope .
no wonder everyone in life is so unhappy with it ,
everyone settles .
they give up , and settle .
i shouldn't fuckin have to settle !
why do i have to settle with being unhappy ?
settle with "that's life" and that's the reason for why everything fucks
i fucking hate life .
that's an understatement .
nothing can make me like life .
ill be happy when im happy with every aspect of life .
and im not .
im fenna lose the only part i enjoy .
what can i do?
im trying but its not working .
i wanna go crazy , im too tiredd .
my tears feel like their burning my face .
i wouldnt be mad if i got hit by a car and died .
but im sure with god knowing how much im unsatisfied with life he would
make me live and suffer more . .
that's sad .
i dnt really care .
i wish i could spend the rest of my life sleep .
im angry . but i dnt even know at who .
i wish god would stop playing with my fuucking emotions .
one minute everythings perfect then everythings falling apart .
i should jus run away and disappear .
not tell anyone where im goin . dissappear off earth .
this isn't about me but fuck .
i don't understand why my life has to not work in the process .
why did god make me fall so far in love if he was gonna take him away?
what's the purpose ?
im tired of heartbreak .
why do i feel all by myself :'(
i don't even have anyone to talk to to understand how i feel .
i can't even write anymore cus i cnt seee .
fuck life .
i give up .
i don't want anything anymore .


neverending . . .

disappointments .
i wish i kept neverending happiness .
why is it so hard to just . . . be happy . stay happy ?
i would give anything just to know what its like to really be happy w.
life .
i can't stop crying .
im tired of fighting and never winning .
ill fight to the end of this world for my love .
and i can't never win .
well i can't say i lost .
idk why i expect to lose . .
prolly cus i never win lol .
okay let me elaborate ,

so my bf`s babys mother , told him that she's not mad tht he has a gf ,
but she feels like its unfair to her and thebby that they never tryed to
be a family and that she's good enough to have his bby but not be his
girl .

to sum it all up . i could understand where she's coming frm im not a
heartless female .
and i understand he's known her longer bc they've been close friends for
a long time .
and i can understand she's been there for him to do things i wasn't able
to do .
and yeaaaa she's carrying his 1stborn ,
a lot of shit that makes me feel inferior .
she stole my dream of giving him his firstborn .
well wait no , i can't say she , bc it took both of them .
im not even mad .
im not mad at her or how she feels to be honest .
but i jus don't know how to feel
i already feel like i cause him extra stress bc im always a seperate
situation frm him having a baby and family .
now i reeeeally feel like im in the way . and i shouldn't bc i know if
he really wanted to be with her he would .
but i don't like feeling like im the problem bc all of this wouldnt even
be happening if we weren't together .
and i hate seeing him stress and i feel like he constantly has to choose
btwn what he wants and what he has to do .
and this is something i have no control over .
how i feel isn't really even relevant to this situation bt it still
hurts me .
im not gonna give up on our relationship and i hope that he doesn't
either but i know how impt his baby is to him and maybe he might wanna
give his bby a family environment? but i thought tht was the purpose of
moving close to her?
he wants a family with me .
but i don't feel i should have to give up my love or break my ♥ bc i
wanna make everyone else happy bc i have the worst habit of making sure
everyone else is happy and sacrificing my own happiness .
i never want his babymama to feel like im the reason they're not a
family . bc i don't want probs btwn us .
the less drama tha better but i dnt know if im strong enough to
sacrifice my ♥ for her sake , well not even hers , but the babys sake
im crying bc im scared . james told me not to worry abt it bc im not
holding him hostage in a relationship bt i know that .
idk what he might choose is best for his baby . this isn't about him or
me or his bm its about the baby and its a fucked up situation bc that's
the one thing i can't challenge.
ill always lose to his baby and that's fine bc that's how its supposed
to be .
its like . . .i keep fighting for our relationship no matter what falls
in front of us bt i can't fight this .
and i know he doesn't wanna hurt me . so it jus makes it so much more
harder for him .
im tired of worrying about losing our relationship .
that's the only thing i really want in my life right now .
and that's the only thing that makes me happy :'(
and i keep almost losing it .
im not going to tho , i reeefuuuuuusee .
im not losing the only thing that ever made me genuinely happy .
idk what's fenna happen but i hope god is on everyones side . cus all i
want is to be happy and stay in love with my man , struggles and all .


frm caLiforniaa to newYork ?

so i figured nows the time for a handy dandy blog .
im stressed .
fenna lose my baby again .
and that's not an option .
so his babys mother is on that "im moving to newyork" thing again .
yeaaa ,
he can't cahnge her mind , but he don't wanna leave his baby either so
that takes him tooooo NEW YORK .
where does that leave me?
in fucking california .
no friends . and now no boyf !?
heeeeelll no .
i came to the decision , im going where he goes .
why let it all go ?
he doesn't wanna leave me and i don't wanna leave him .
im 21 , im old enough to make my own choices .
i don't have anything out here in cali , besides fam .
that's jus like if woulda went to skool outta state .
so we talked and he agreed that ill go to newyork too .
why throw away our love and everything we been thru ?
i think its beyond fucked up how inconsiderate his bm is being towards
his life . but she's not winninn lol .
he's gonna go where his baby goes . and im gonna go where my baby goes
he proposed , and when he sticks that ring on my finger im good .
im good and i don't have a ring . bt fuck tha ring .
im in love with his ♥ and mind .
school i can transfer . ill figure it out .
i always wondered what livin in ny would be like bt i never thought it
would come true lol .
nothings set in stone yet tho , so idk what might happen over tha next
few weeks .
but for all my blogger fam that doeeees live or been to NY can i get
some tips or feedback on what's impt to know ? or what's good community
colleges (im poor lol) , and the best places to work ?
this is some movie type shit lol . fuck my car , i guess we'll be on tha
subway lmao . cus i dnt think its gonna make it across country :-/ .
i hope she doesn't move to ny , but she been wantin this for awhile so i
know she's nt gonna change her mind .
and his son is his world so who am i to try to keep him with me and not
his baby .
best solution ?
follow my heart . cus he has it .
advice pleaseeee .
be back sooner than later .


hello 2O1O :)

happy new year everyoneee !
this is my 1st post of O1O` & I've been sort of
lagging behind bc idk i haven't had much to complain about . well
actually that's a lie , but ill get back to that lol .
most importantly , my baby is homeeee ! yess !
he got out 2 weeks before he was supposed to and surprised everyone . i
missed my babe , im grateful for him .
bt we almost started bumping heads bc this past week I've been
constantly pissed off and angry bc of not having any time for my typical
solitude .
people don't understand that i actually like being alone .
not having friends , well a lot , doesn't bother me to say the least .
i love who i love , and i love who i need , simple as that .
i have plenty of associates , interchangeables , nobody that i actually
need tho .
my sister came to visit the day after xmas , my aunt been over here
since xmas, and my cuzin came 2 days after xmas . what does that equal ?
no alone time for angelica , which equals STRESS & IRRITABILITY .
smh .
no good sleep cus everyone wakes yu up at 7 , 8 in tha morning when yu
didn't go to bed til 3 .
and yea that's preetty typical for me but 7 days of it is ridiculous
with no naps , bc i almost aalwaaays take a nap .
since i got my car i been drivin non stop . im tired of drivin and i
don't evenhave my license yet >:o (btw , i passed my written test lol )
but i digress ,
i just been tiiiireeeeddddddd .
then whenever me & james talked id be pissed off about somn and i could
tell he was annoyed and it was jus bad .
my new years was full of shit .
i was the designated driver , thank god , bc i don't really like drunk
ass people . that's definately a pet peeve .
my new years was going good all up until people started fighting ,
flying thru windows , getting jumped , fighting down flights of stairs ,
people bleeding , crying , throwing up , outta control , just . . .the
combination of a bunch of drunk ass people looking ignorant .
i must be getting old cus yea , i was like i shoulda jus stayed home in
my pj`s and brought tha new years in sleep ! had my anxiety on level
1000000000 lol . smh .
theeeen on top of all that , james was drunk af . i was worried about
his ass and when i was ready to leave my fuckin car battery was died !
&& nobody had jumper cables . like wtf . so i basically got stuck at my
cuzins house til 7 am when the neighbors starting waking and we asked
tha guy across the street to jump start me . smh .
long annoying ass day . came home to try to get some sleep and still
didn't get as much as i wanted .
but on a better note , my cuzin went home and my aunts leaving tmw so
ill be able to enjoy more peaceful sleep thus , less grouchyness , and
more happiness .
my babe had a bad hangover today , so we jus talked btwn naps .but i
hope he learned his lesson on getting sooooo fucked up lol . im 21 and i
beeen said fuck liquor smh .
my stomach is very sensitive and although i rarely throw up alcohol
always sits unsettled in my stomach & i haaate the feeling . so i stick
to smokin bluntss , fk it lol .
but im fenna stop smoking again bc i need to start looking for a job
again next month . might jus drink on special occasions cus i do fucks
wit greygoose&sprite or patron oor gin&juiceeeee ! whoop ! i gets loaded
. lol . but for some reason everybody wanna drink tht nasty ass brown
liquor , yuuck . i only fucks wit clears unless its some henny . fuck a
vsop . fuck a courvousier . fuck a paul mason . im cool on it lol . it
makes me gag on tha 2nd shot . but yeaa , im jus blaabbing now , i
pretty much updated yall on my going on`s . nothing special , jus happy
i got my babe back :-* . ill be around :)