birthdaay recaap .

so , i didnt do anything special .
which i knew i wasnt .
my day was full of umm . . .moments .
my morning went good .
my 2nd class was cancelled so i got to leave skool early .
i was talking to james all morning .
then my worries kept coming , so i kept asking
he didnt wanna talk about it because it was my birthday .
idk how we ended back on it buut
once again my intuition was right .
blaaah .
i knew it .
basically he doesnt want us anymore .
i would usually be all out of wack , bt i was preparing myself for it .
still hurt , but fuck it what can i do .
that conversation ended .

theen , 2-3 hours later his cousin txts me like james fenna go to jail .
my whole world stopped .
everything that happened earlier flew out the window .
like w t f .
&& i was higgh af .
& i already have anxiety so , me , stressful situations & dro do nooot mix .
i just wanted to cry .
so i was talkin to his cuzin tha whole timee .
he got bailed out & i talked to him .
but he had court this morning .
i talked to him when i woke up before court & im streessssssseddddd outttt .
im soo worried .
he had court at 10 & its 1247 , but i know court takes forever buut im fenna text cus im fenna lose my mind .
i know shit didnt go how i wnted but i still dont want anything to happen to him . he's still my heart . ill update later on the situation when i get info .

overall my birthday went exactly how i expected . no surprise .
just another day in my life , & he didnt ruin it . i just disregarded the whole day . . .todays a new one .


p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

happy belated birthday

Reggie said...

Happy Bday sweets!!!!!! And my bday was the exact same damn way. Another day.....