not wifeey , BUT wife :)

he proposedd !
awwwwwww .
okay not all out , like on one knee .
but he was serious .
i said yes .
lol .
there was no reason to say no .
we been through a lot , bt nothing we can't overcome .
everything we been through is a learning experience .
i was hurt , he was hurt .
but in the end it was hard love .
you gotta go to tha bottom for u get to tha top .
we're still working but WE'RE working .
not me , not him . Us .
im blessed to have someone thats willing to put in effort
and love me enough to wanna make it work & care enough to not just give
up and let it go .
im praying for our relationship and for god to make things right in
everybodies life .
im happy right now .
im no longer in pain .
and that's what means the world to me .
we need our spark back , and it should be lit really soon :)
i don't wanna get to excited , cus that's how u jjinx shit .
but im flattered .
like yea ppl have said will u marry me before , bt i never really
believed them .
i really believed him .
my heart just fluttered and melted lol
i got butterlies & teary eyes .
ima softy .
but fuck it you only live once .
we nt gettin married no time soon lol
bt tha thought of having your better half there next to u thru
everything makes it worth while .
i been there since september 9th 2008 .
its october 22nd , 2009 & im not going anywhere .
by his side is where im happy at .
where my peace of mind is at , he completes me .
everything i need .
i don't need anything from him but his lovee .
but i know he wants to give me so much more .
and i wanna give him the world back .
he makes me happy :)
& you can't take that away from me .
i love you james de`von :)
always & forever .

love always ,
your future wife :)


мiмi =) said...

welcome to the young and engaged group!, my and my fiance,had our issues, still working them out, but we know that we are in the position of him being the only one for me & vice versa. key point of advice, forget what anyone else has to say about your situation w. james, and concentrate on yall. people will say that your too young and all that, but in the end if its ment to be, then it will be. if not, then you'll know and you'll make the right decision!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aww thats so great! im really happy for you. its great to see other people happy with their love life. & you got a ring! that makes me wanna do the single ladies dance haha.

my boyfriend that i`ve been with since 2005 STILL doesnt express his feelings the way i want him to. my aunt was getting down his throat about me not even having a promise ring & here you go with an engagement ring! thats great; i dont even know you & i feel proud haha