love sick .

i haven't cried but this shit dropped into my stomach .
i feel like i wanna throw up ,
bt i forced myself to eat cus its only my second meal of the day since 8
am .
i have no appetite .
my mouth is dry & i cnt even taste my food .
looks good , i just can't enjoy it .

I've been doing everything i can to keep myself
busyy & mind off things .
i did homework .
washed dishes & mopped the floor .
cleaned tha livingroom & vacuumed .
picked out my clothes for tmmw .
took a long shower .
did my eyebrows .
and forced myself to eat dinner .
for some odd reason nobdys hitting me up ,
but im good cus im nt in a tlking mood anyways .
my down mood is obvious bc my mom & her
husband picked up on it .
blahh .
hopefully tmmws better but i doubt it .
im strong enough to make it thru so im nt gonna crumble . . .
even tho im sure im gonna break down again within this week .
i haven't even went tha whole day without him &
feel like i lost everything . lol .
just knowing i have to go without him is what's killing
me .
i haven't really felt it yet . . .
* deep breath .

im fenna take a blog break cus this is really all i been bloggin about
lately & i went frm 220 followers to 218 !
wtf is up with that >:o !!
lol . i love my religious readers :-*
i appreciate your comments & experiences when you give them .
that's all for now .
be back sooner than later .

* i love you .

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