i hate . .

tuesdays & thursdays !
omggg .
lmao .
i been in tha library since like 1145 .
but i got outta class 30 mins early todaay .
i still got 30 mins before i have to go to class & it still dont start til 2 .
smh .
i finished my anatomy homework & been sittin here drowning myself in trey songz & drake for tha past hour :)

love trey songz fckn voice mann
i love how you can picture everything he sayin in your head
i wanna have sex to all his songs just to do what he sayin lmao ,
mm mmm mmmmmm !
if i had sex with aaany celebrity he's tha only one .
i will be his groupie sex slave for a whooole night , no lie lmao .
but anywaaaays >:)

on a happier note , todays thurs & you know what that means. . . .!
* drumroll *
YES ! thurs are MY fridays !
i have no school til monday , thaank ya jezuz .
lol , 4 days out the week is more than enough shit .
im thinkin bout tryna pile all for of my classes in 2 days for spring .
id rather be here all day then a few hours everyday .

blaahh , & im broke again so im fuckin starving .
& eating cereal in the morning dont do SHIT !
i ate a big ass bowl yesterday morning & by 1045 my shit was grumblin like i hadnt ate the day before ! smhh .
i want some goldfish , & i dnt even got a punkass dollar to buy someee ! >:o lmaoo , thats sad .
whtever .

umm , in 3 days itll be my ONE YEAR BLOGGING anniversary !
yaaaay ! dont you guys love me ?! i love blogging .
its the best thing i ever decided to do .
it helps my anxiety and mind alooot ,
just being able to express all the thought that normally stayy on my mind for daays or hours .
im glad .
but yaaa ,
one more month til i get my financial aid check ,
suupper excited about tht bitch ,
lmao .
all i want is my fuckin car .
and i gotta go to tha fuckin dmv & take my test for my licence , lmao =/
dooooont even ask .
i can drive but yeaa .
smh , ima get it tho .
lmao .
and how much yu wanna bet eeeeeverybody gon be hittin me up after i get that shit ?
& how much you wanna bet they will all be providing GAS MONEY to enter my shit !
psht .
my gas tank dont run on friendship !
lmao . shit .
thats that fake shit . only wanna use a nigga when yu want somethin .
but im nt trippin cus i wont even be out here , guess where i'll be?????
YEP , in la county gettin dicked down by daddy !
lmaoooooo .
pls excuse my language =x
but pretty much , ill be catching up on caking in my free time ,
i dont have time to be concerned with people that wanna go out & use me as a ride .
cus dont nobdy hit me anymore anyways , like i care .
blaaah .
i gotta make my $$$ stretch tho .
fuck .
ima save 1000 , for books for spring & next fall .
thennn ,
yeaa the rest i have stratigicallyy planned out .
ugh . ima be job searching this spring , cus i need a job asap . & for summer .
i cant wait to start my fuckin career gosh .
just gimme one fuckin commitment & let me do it .
skool & work is too damn much lmao .
i cant even work out & go to skool my fatass be too lazy & tired .
& thats sad , cus i put on a freshman 10 lmao
& its not fuckin funny >:o
im fenna lose this shit tho , i cant be fat .
im too self conscious already smh .
anyways .
i wanna box , but in order to do thaaaat , i gotta go over ma mama husband frinn house
& i dnt wanna go over there cus then tht nigga be tryna stay all fckn day and nahhhh
when i wanna go , i wanna go shit .
hence, why i need a car .
lol .
blahhhh , well im hoping this car takes away half the reasons why i cant do everything i waaant .
cus tht means i can go out when i want .
see certain friends when i want .
spend time wit my ex/future husband when i want lol
have sex when i want .
do whatever the fuck i please , when i waaant >:o .
im excited :)
watch my dumbass fail the drivers test n not get no L's
my ass a be breakin the law drivin wit no l's lmao
shiiiid .
jp .
no but forreal .
ahh , idk .
but yeaaa .
im just rambling cus im bored and now i have 7 mins left so im fenna
listen to my fav new songgggg

sex therapy by robin thicke

&& if you aint heard that , get on it ,
its such a cute song :) ima make love to it soon .
lol .
but yeaa , be back when i have something to talk about .
bye lovesssss .

ps - i Love you , cus i know your gonna read this :-*

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