update .

i cried for about 10 mins in that bathroom .
smh .
i came out seen how puffy & red my eyes and nose were & started crying again lol .
the only reason i stopped is bc i had class :(
but im better now , be back sooner than later lovess .


мiмi =) said...

you've been awarded ! ♥


Qu33n Kam... said...

after readin the last couple of post i almost cried just becuz ive been hurt that hard before,, like u know its comin but hope and pray it doesnt then everyone says u should have known,, then u feel dumb cuz u tried to ignore the signs...

i have no real advice right now becuz im feeling the same way im as drained as u are,,ive felt the same way do i understand,,the only thing i can say is no matter how much we all say we over bein w/ some one we still have hope that one good guy will come, i know i do and i knwo u do.. its goin to hurt now but the best thing about life is it doesnt end it keeps goin and honestly its his lost and he will be back once he figures out that bitch aint all that cracked up to be thats what i learned they ALL come back even if its still to fuck shit up,, but when that time comes just remember why he left in the first place cuz ive taken the guys back and got hurt again just a different way than the last...Get all ur mite to get thru this time will pass and u will at least to not cry anymore and have the strength to move on ive experienced this soo many times im surprised im not a lesbian by now lolz,,but u will be ok,trust me