lovers&&&friends .

* sigh .
sooo ,
the break turnedd into break up :(
yeaa yeaa sad right .
he said he doesnt think he needs to be in a relationship right now
cus he cant give his all and i dont deserve it .
hm . im kinda hurt . cus this relationship
wasssnt supposed to fall apart like this .
smh .
thanks fertile friend **
ugh .
wtf .
w.e he said he just needs me to be his friend right now
bcus he needs me to stay in his lifee .
soo basically we went frm friendss to lovers & back to friendss .
which is soooo weird now . cus we bothhh love each other
bt we keepin it as friends
and its funny cus we still be callinn each other bby n shit
we still act likee were together bt were not .
so i guess it isnt thaaaaat bad . but damn .
ima jus let him grow . and figure out this baby stuff .
i wanna be there for him .
and i wanna be wit him but i guess i gotta do one thing at a time .
at least i still got em right ?
w.e if its nt meant to be then so be it .
not tha first & nt thaa last .


diplomatikk said...

interesting .

withlove__starz said...

that sux... but on the bright side.. at least he told you and didnt play you.. especially him being your friend first.. shows he truly loves you.. cause most dudes will keep you.. lie to you.. and do dirt.

but man have i been here before.. and the calling and pet names is a hard!!