sheesh .

blogging sucks these days .
just like myspace.
just like aim .
everyone tweets/twitters [except me ] lol .
i guess i should hop on thaa bandwagonn .
bt im lazy & i dont really caree for peoplee
to know my every movee i makee ,
as if i dnt update my away [on aim] enough lol .
* sigh .

i apologize if my blogs are no longer relatable anymore .
cus i know a lot of my comments & followers came frm my old relationship
. & i appreciate u guys for that .
but ive moved on & this relationship is going wonderful so i havee no
rantings or dramatics for this one lol .
L0 SIENT0 ! :)

on another nooteee . . .
my neighbor toldd me super target is hiring . &
her frinn is a manager at babies r us , that used to wrk at tha samee
walmart i did .
hmmm. well i did a app for babies a few days ago so she called him & he
said he'll pull ma app up tmmw .
& im goinn to target in tha morninn so i can put tht app in .
hoooopefullyy god loves me enoughh to finally bless me w. another joob
cus im over here dyinnnng .
lol .
i dont even go out anymoree im so broke .
ain't shit fun when uu brokee .
& i staaaayed talkin bout brokee ppl when i had money
so i guess karmaa is a btchh lmao .
bt i was always generous w. ma shit ! im not selfish or stingy . but w.e
i jus hope someone's willing enough to gimme a intervieww . sheeshh .

cus what reeeeally pissed me off yesterday is when my ex asked me if i
found a life yesterday . >:o RAWR !
ol' btchh . i swear i woulda stabbed him if he was in front of me .
he's so uglyy on tha insidee . when yuu nt in lovee w. him & vice versaa
he`s a reeeal asshole . idk how i loved his rude ass . bt i guess its
different when yuu act like a C0MPLETELY diff person when your "in love"
faaake as fuuuuck >:o . boooooooo ! i want ma $$ back .
lmaoo my timeee ! give it baack ! i was gippped !
lmaoo . fahreal . w.e . you livee & ya learn .
& plus i foundd a REAL GREAT man out all tha drama :)
so i guess it wasnt that bad . lol .
if he wasnt here to show me i deserved better and love me back thaa way
i neededd whoooo , who KN0WS what i'd be goinn thru . lmao . psh .
prolly not as dramatic as all tha tears i used to cry bck in nov-jan
lol . i didnt drop one single fuckin tear .
im proud of myself :)
* pats self on back .
i dont lovee thesee selfishh lyin H0ES [who front as real bfs] . lol
i talk so much shit .
oh welllllll . i was lied to & manipulated for 8-9 months gimme a break
. i'll bee that btchh i wass called :)
" hello , my name is BTCH & idgaf 8-)"
pretty muchh .

main objectives now are :
job .
skool .
& keep bby hppy .
thats it thats all .

all thee other shit - irrelevant .
sorry i keep postinn these novel ass posts . lol
i cant write short blogs .
or i could but then id jus post all day long .
id rather jus talk my ass off when i get bored at tha end of tha day
like now lol .
& im creating a new rulee .
if yuu start following me [ hi 2 new followers :) !] leavee a comment so
i can see who yu are cus im on ma kick n i cant see ma followers or
leave cmmnts [bare w.me ] bt i CAN approvee tha muhfckas so stop bein
lazy n lemme a damn comment ! shoot .
& leave one if yuu aint a new follower shit . jus to say yuu read it . i
appreciate it . i miss tha loveee .
where`s myyyy looooveeeeeee !?
lol .
well im bout to go to sleep .
bbyddyy hittin me after he get homee & if i dnt go to sleep now , i wont
hear ma phonee lol .
ta taa for now lovesss :)


Kiwi™ said...

Girl this post was real...

You said this is not relatable...it was very relatable.

1. You said you broke as hell and you dont even like to go out anymore but when you had money you was crying broke too...If that is not the truth!!!

2. The Ex--same ish but I found a new guy too so everything does happen for a reason sweetie...he is an X for a reason!

This was nice.

Notion said...

blogging is starting to suck but i can't stop, and i love that song it's a personal favorite, and yo page is hot too, and you got another follower

Qu33n Kam... said...

ur ex was a true to life bitch ass nigga!! They do always act like that after the fact but ine thing I learned after all the niggas i dealt wit no matter how it ends they trifflin asses always and i mean always come back!! Why idk but they do even when it be ur fault they comeback on sum baby i missu/love u shit so beware boo he will cum back wantin u.

anywho im kinda in the same boat as u on the job side i needs one bad i havent had a steady job wit reasonable income since the summer --yea the summer idk wat i was doin..i guess tryin 2 graduate but know the lord always provides what u need and what u want when u show how bad u really want it & since a job is wats best for u he will provide that jus keep applyin everywhere

love queen kam --super fan of jellies blog