reminiscing . . .

i miss things .
i miss being a kid [minor] .
i miss skool .
i miss lunchtime .
i miss sneaking out & coming home late .
i miss being tha smart class clown .
i miss writing poetry .
i miss my 35mm .
i miss having a cpu .
i miss staying up all nite watching musicvideos .
i miss talking on tha phone til tha sun comes up .
i miss cuddling .
i miss going places .
i miss seeing things .
i miss waking up late .
i miss being touched .
i miss being kissed .
i miss you . . .

* random thoughts . super random lol .


Anonymous said...

i definitely miss being a little kid too! when i see my little brother and my little cousins doing absolutely nothing with themselves but having fun at the same time, i get jealous haha

Qu33n Kam... said...

i miss the time when i thought boys had cooties man life was so less stressful back then