umm , heey ladiess !

personal questionn .

so todayy , i went to thaa doctors n chose to change my birth control
method from pills to tha nuvaring .

i heardd both good & badd about it buut likeeee

lol if anyonee is using it or knws someone who doess input is welcomedd

thanks :)


E L O W E $ said...

who need birth control?
just have sexx nd have fun!
pain is good soo dont worry about cramps :)


Miss.Fortune said...

my homegirl is using it..
she gained weight! =(

girl im having problems with my birth control..
i just started using it for a month now..and it made my per. last waaaay longer and today i had a freakin breakthrough bleeding..

im about to just say fuck it..
my body was fine without it..shit

Anonymous said...

my vote is for thee shot :)

had it for 5 years,

changed to thee pill.

now im preggers with a pill baby!

as far as the ring goes...
it does fall out every once in a while. make sure its there!! and stay on changing it on time!