temptation pt. dos

psht .
mann didnt ntn even happen lol
onlyy cus im a good girl !
cus he was like shit ask her who tf she is !
so i asked n tha btchh gon say
im such n such sister , i was seein who was on ma bro aim .
im like , well im his gf & yea .
so i tell ma bby who she is .
lol , & he was like idk who that is >:o
block tht btchh lol
im likee noooo , lemme ask her why she lyinn
he like nahh block her .
hmmmmm .
[suspicion ? lol jp .]
i truss my bby n i didnt feel like arguinnn
pluuuus she nvr said anything outta line to mke me cus her ass out
soooo .
i blocked her :)
ohh welll . shit .
maybee nxt timee . lol .

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