ahh , temptation .

lol ,
mannn !
don't yuu hatee whenn yuu reeeeally wanna do somn that yuu said yuu
wouldnt ?
todayy lol
i askedd my bf for his aim pw so i could writee his away
& at first he didnt wanna give it to me
bt oncee i saidd i didnt want it no moree he gave it lol
so i wrotee thee awayyy . . .
& he said if anyone writee , dont write bck .
soo , i agreed . cus hey , im on thee icon & thee away
& if i reeeeleee wantedd i could write back . bt idc .
soo some girl aims (that isnt in his buddy list )
asking "who is this?"
lol , i a l m o s t repliedd . . .
then my consciencee said ,
lol .
* fuuuuuck .
so i didnt writee back . i just . . .updated thee away lol
i'll tell him whenn he txts me onn his break .
lol . i might writee her ass back .
thank godd im not insecure lol .
it could be one of his friendss .
not to mention , some dudee callin hisself "hubby" was in her awayy
takinn it over lmao .
hmm . i'll tell yall what happens lol .


Notion said...

lol thats how it is sometimes

nt skinne n e mo said...

haha aww , well me im a lil insecure...just a lil. just dont like them to be sneaky. i would responded ! smh