happinessRECOVERED , lmao .

lol .
im soo dumb .
bt , i jus likee re.read my last post & i hatee readingg how i felt
about things in thaa past cus people always call meDRAMATIC & i alwayss
DENY lol
buut , reading tht post got me crackinn up even tho i was hurt when it
first happend lol .
but as yall can prolly tell im happy .
i chose to stay w. my bf , we talked alot about it .
i figuree im strong enoughh to deal w. it .
i doubt very highlyy he would leavee me for tha babys mother ,
jus basedd on who she is . . .buuuut
im still kindaa nervous bt hey wth , i got 8 monthss to go .
im establishedd .
im content .
i trust him . moving ooonnn . . .

so i got into it w. my ex [love of my life] lass nitee . lol .
hmm . too funny . im just too fed up w. all his liess . i dont even
understand while i still have love for him cus i truly hate his ways
.smh . he got mad cus i told him i was who i wanted to be wit .
wholee nine tho . he said i hate you , dont talker to me ever , i dont
want ntn to do w. yuu , blah blah & then blocked me on aim today lmaoo
i found it funny cus 10 mins before tht i had told him i hated his ass .
cus he asked if we were really thru so he can be wit his new chick , i
told himm dont let me stop yu shit . if tht makes yuu happy be ma guest
was i mad ? yeaa lowkey cus of how he went about it . did i do all tha
xtraa shit he did ? nooo , why ? becuss idgaf and im happy in another
relationship . lol
he feels as tho i played himm cus my bf is my old twin lol but i nvr
cheatedd on his ass . he jus prolly hurt tht im w. him now . cus he knew
my bf likedd me . but now my bf GOT me :) his losss , not minesss . lol

bt yeaaaaaaaaaaa . idk im boredd & ma bbyddy takinn forever to get back
homee .
im trynaa stay upp , ma tats is peelinn n itchinn bad as fckk & i wanna
cupcakee w. ma boothangg beforee i go to sleeep . ughhh .
well i guess im jus boutss to post this thenn read upp on ma fav blogss
, sorry i cnt cmmnt guyss , im on ma phonee . bt when tha cpu bck in
actionnn , ill be back :)

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