poem # 3 .

im screaming
hurting inside
im dying inside
my heartbeat slowed
from a steadypace to
an almost beat .
im crying inside
so lost
i always think im found
but my heart stays bound
by someones elses .
impossible to stay glad
bcus i put your happiness before mine
so when shit doesnt work out
im get mad
cus my hopes are now dying
all i want is you .
all of you .
like how you used to feel
when you didnt have all of me .
now ,
i cant have all of you
i feel robbed.
i feel bad bc you did deal
w. so much constantly longing for my touch
and it took so much time
bcause my love for him was so blind
it took hours and hours for me to see
that you ARE the man for me .
bt now your the man for he or she
a daddy to be . . .
no longer j u s t daddy to me .
you feel so lost and im trying to help find you
you just wont let me d o that
i guess y o u have to find y o u
before i can find you t o o . . .
i just dont wanna lose youu !
your perfection to me .
a perfect piece to
complete me .
im just scared tht your gonna tell me
that we cant be
together anymore
cus you cant take this . . . anymoree .
bt your my last chance
at trying this lovee thing
cus if i cant have you i dnt want ANYthing.
i've fallinn IN love w. you
but fallinn OUT of love w. love
idk how to feel anymore . .
cus YOUR love is MY only love .

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