gosh .

so i liedd .
i said when i got on a cpu , i was gonna do this & that ,
blehhh . im lazyy & boredddd ,
we got kickedd out our apt cus they had to fix our ceinlingg cus they found
b l a ck m o l d -- ugh .
i feel like everyones health is suffering frm living in there tht long w. tht mold .
prolly whyy i always have headachess n my digestive systems all fuucked up ,
i jus hopee im not sterile >:o :(

i'd be halla saddd & hellaa paiddd cus i would bee taking a lawsuit lmaoo .
ughhh . i wanna go homee n lay downnn . i wishh i was sleep .
or at least had a job so i could be at work .
i hate not having anything to do .. ..
blahhh .
i miss myy bby , heem at work so i gotta wait til later but we talked this morning
frm 83o to 12 lol so i shooould be satisfiedd . . . .but im nooot ,
** biggest cupcaker ever . lmaoo .

buuut yeaa . i was talking myy wifee/ siss into making a blog cus shes a bomb ass writer .
she writess bomb poems (: so when thts donee . ill drop thaa url .
blahh blahh bleeeh blahhh
man yal dont know how v\boreedddd i am .
i cant even typee & ma lazy ass aint goin back to fix that typo lmao .
ohhh weeeelll

im movinn in w. ma hubby when he get his own spot . . .
coming sooon .
i did my app for riverside city college yesterday so i can start skool this fall
after a 3 year hiatus . . .=/ yeaaa i knooo .
lmaoo , i hopee ma ass remeber how to read & writee & do algebra hahahaha .
im smart , i jus dont retain information well .
smhh .
whaaateverrr .
i jus wanna hurryy upp n get a job so i can work over tha summer .
go to skool for my first term thenn movee n w. ma hubby n change skoos n beee happpppyy
ffffiiiiinnnnnaaallllyyyy .
im not plannin shit ,
cus everytimee i plan shit , it never happens .
so heyy . im taking things one dayy atta timee (:
hopee for thaa best & expect nothinggg .
butttttt myy bby jus texted me soo i happy now :D be back later .

ta taa !

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nt skinne n e mo said...

you are crazy. im bored too and i just read the whole thing lol but i need a job bad too