boredom leads to . . .poem # 5 .

still . . .
looking for lovee
in all tha wrong placess .
cant recognize it
cus it keeps changing facess
i thought i found it
once .
twice .
now third stike , im out .
realizing noww
im still tha same little girl i been
my whole life
why cant i figure this shit out ?
fantasizing about perfect love
& perfect relationships . . .
no matter how manyy times
i get hurt . . .
tha n e x t time is always worse .
cant become heartless
i havee too muchh love to give
if onlyy i could findd
someone to
give it to . . .
wasnt him .
wasnt him .
now your tellin me
yu dnt know if its you .
going crazy inside my head
cus yuu dont knoww what yuu wanna do .
can i love you ?
can i have you ?
i really need you .
but do you need me . . .?
prolly better off w. out me .
i was. . . .so happy
planning a futuree w. yuu
that oncee againn wont come true .
i guess now i have to figure out a way
to let go . . . . . . . . . of you .
as muchh as i dont want to
if you cant promise youll stay dwn w. me
tha way im dwn for you
i might as well save my heart now
i ran all outta gluee . . . :'(

1 comment:

Max Gibson said...

this poem is beautiful. i've never met you or talked to you before, but you're poem speaks to me. I've been on the other side of this conversation. I've been the male, unable to commit. Sometimes it's hard to commit.

Do not give up on love. It will come when you least expect it. You'll know he's right when he makes you smile when you're not with him.

Please keep writing. Your words and thoughts are inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you for the insight.

Max Gibson