hi , everyonee

im baaaaack [:
not that anyonee even careeees
cus i never get any cmmnt anymooore , hella sad ]:
lmao .
damn , i guess yall onlyy wantedd to hear me whinee & cryy
over my ex.bf . . .ta haa !
yea yea .
i still think its funny he blocked me on aim .
thats tha second ex tht did that , & tha funny part issss
i wasnt evenn gonna aim they ass anywaysss !
pwahhahahahaa >:]
whaatever . i guesss
thats theree ownn wayy of trynaa forget about me .
cus my ex emailed me yesterday .
* not surprised .
then got mad lol , as always .
i said ttyl , check on me soon :]
lmao .
whattta fckn joke .
i still cnt believee all thaa liess he told .
but i've moooovedd onnn uppp . ..
likeee georgee & weezyy !
hahah .

im really happy in my new relationship tho .
i know alot of yall like damn btchhh
yuu didnt waste noo timee .
but we were closee frins beforee we hooked up
and we been tlkinn on & off sincee januaryy
when me & ma ex started really havin probs .
soo , it was destined to happen .
thats ma babyy .
my favoritee part about our relationship
is i already know everything about him
and how he acts and is in relationships .
&& weree sooo much alikee !
thats whyy he was ma "twinn" bt noww hes my "man"
lmao =/ tht sounds uhh yea . w.e
im happy tho .

sorry yall im jus blabbinn , i dnt havee anyone to talk to . i know yall
hatee my long ass blogs :D ilyall too !
hahahaa . sheeeit . idk .
im soo boredd yall . mann .
i appliedd for a few jobs todayy .
hooopefully i get a call back cus a btchh is buhrokee .
i never been this poor my whole lifeeee ! wtf .
smh , all i wanna doo is wooooork . work . work .
and havee sex w. ma bby lmaoo .
forreal . thats my summer . kindaaa >:)

until skool starts , which idk how ima pay for it cus idk how fin. aid
wrks at cmm collegee . . .[ anyone caree to sharee ??]
bt i figuree if i could get $$ to go to a csu , i should get $$ for comm
college - hopefully .
cus if i dont havee a job and savings my ass is asssed out .
grrrr . i feel likee my lifee been on hold for like a year ! plus !
i havent had a job since dec/jan 2oo8 .
* cough COUGH !
T wo T housandd Eighttttt !
its bout to be ohh - tenn :'(
im bout to turnn 21 in octoberrrr .
i should have a license , a car , a job , and my own place >:o
i have none of thee above .
im unemployed , nt in skoo [yet] , cnt drivee for sht , && still livee
w. my mommm .
ughh , & people wonder why i have bad anxiety & stress & never wanna be
bothered .
asssssswipes .
bt yahh . can i get like one comment or somn .
damn can a btchh get a shoulder to cry onn lmao
like does anybdy read what i say anymoree sheesh .
well yeaaa byee 179 followers & tha feww tht pass by :)


.domo. said...

lol i'll leave commetns so you know i read your blog =] and its good to know that you are happy in teh relationship you're in now. and if anybody wanna get mad that you moved on oh well lol better than being depressed forever!! =] and i think financial aid works just like it would for a university or anything like that;it should all be the same

Miss.Fortune said...

im happy ur smiling again!
and the best way is to try and get as many scholarships and grants possible..since fin.aid wont cover it all

StarzGazR said...

sorry i don't show no loe. i'm glad you're so happy in your relationship.

and about financial aid in community college--- it works just as same.. fill out your FASFA at FASFA.edu.gov and you just gotta get your school code.. which will be listen in a "drop menu" list!

MsRitaJanay said...

lol i read your blog! i understand how u feel about the ex guy thing. Their dumb! point blank...they act like theyve moved on but truth be told, they havent!