just a thought . [poem # 2]

i`ve moved forward
sometimes still staring at a memory
like someone pressed rewind then p a u s e
a moment in time already passed . . .
bt it stares me in tha face like theres really a
c a u s e
tha film with our memories playing
is deteriorating as it burns away
from the anger in my heart
i loved you at one time
m o r e than anything . . .in this world
how could you be so cruel ?
when i perceived you to be so kind
aha . funny now
cus i was deceived to be so blind !
my love for you dried up
like petals of an old rose
once beautiful , now forever cold
like my heart feels . . when you cross my mind
in dead memories
false dreams of false fantasies
broken hopes , broken hearts
broken ending , broken start
we thought we were forever . . .
until we fell apart
not meant to be . . .
you just played a part
in my life as a f i r s t real love
i was blinded then , now i have a fresh start
to bad i couldnt see
how we would end , so abruptly
doesnt matter now .
i set you free :)
and everything that was meant to be
is now b e i n g . . .

** i only posted this bcus my sis toldd me i should .
i won`t post poems cus i didnt get any feedback
tha first time i posted one >:o lol
&& i already dnt think they tht good .
lol bt yeaa . i wrote this to as my final closure to my last
relationship .
that is all :)

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-S said...

I think this poem sounds wonderful. No doubt.