a moment of silencee

. . . for myy peace of mind !

smh . i need it .
im pretty muchh ignoring everybdy todayy .
anti-peoplee i guess .
i get likee this sometimess .
peoplee irritatee me to thaa maximum .
smh .
i just wishh i couldd slaap thaa shit outtaa they ass !
* forgivee me for thaa hostility 0:-)

i miss my bby :-/
he`s been working overtimee & suchh
& his phone`s off right noww soooo ,
we havent really talkeddd .
he called me yesterdayy to tell me he loved me
i jus really miss him and talking to him .
he keeps me in my better moods :)
hopefully thingss are back to normal soon .

* sigh .
i wanna go to work !
i wish i could jus get up get dressed and go work !
lol .
fuck this at home shit smh .
todays saturday & i have nuthing to do .
weeak af .
its good thoo .
ill be back shortly :)

that is all .

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