poem # 4 .

sincee i raarely smileeeee lol , enjoy that . now to the poem . . .

FANTASYlandd :

visions of you & me
happilyy walkingg
fingers intertwinedd
as shots of ecstacyy fill my mind
then body ; throughout my soul
the feeling of your lovee
never leavess me coldd
taking me higher i float on
clouds called thoughts
impossible to evaporate bcus
thoughts of you never dissipate
your smile brings me closer to heaven
bt your eyes help me realize what u are to me
bcus they always see right through me
not only do they see my beauty
outsidee but , in mee
lips touchingg
you breathee your soul
within me
i blow miness back so
we now embody one another
your love is like no other person
ive ever felt beforee
always givingg never holding back
no lovee is stored
in your heart bc you gave it all to me
placed behind my heart
for me to keep and forever adore thee
way you hold my body in your arms
and kisss me soft
get me wet , put it dwn & get me off ;)
insidee me your soul becomes mines w. me
ill lovee you forever just stay
forever kind , never blind
alwayss mineee :)


E Dot DizZy said...

Awwwwww you writing about yo boo!!

»Gia said...

wayyyy too gorgeous!
smile more often

Mista Jaycee said...

I like you smile!
Cool love poem! I like the shorthand on your couplets.