thoughts : O1.29 , 2.12am .

idk where im quite rolling w. this entry , just in the need to express
i`ve come to realize that's what im good at .
when people cmmt , its mostly on my ability to be so open
w. how i feel & why .
*shrugs shoulders*
i find it natural , bt a lot ofpeople find it hard and maybe thts me
being inconsiderate bt i get kind of offended when someone says they dnt
or can't express themselves lol
like . . .who can't speak thoughts? bt I've learned to except everyones
not as easy to just spill their ♥ out on the floor .
guess that's why its always there . . .
whatever .
i picked my spring classes today .
ill be taking 4 classes that equal 14 credits . they will be :

-intermediate algebra (my 1st math class since pre-calc my senior yr =/)
-intrapersonal communications(speech) .
-business law (my 1st required class towards my paralegal degree:]) .
-and health sciences (self explanatory) .

I've got a full load , ill be attending monday-friday (not excited abt
tht) bt , monday and fridays i only have one morning class soooo , not
so bad i guess .
i need to find a new job so i have to fit that into my schedule w.
homework lol .
i can't wait actually , im kind of excited .
i just wanna be busy . so i dnt have time to be concered abt other
things .
i jst wanna feel accomplished .
i need to figure something out tho bc my tiredness which i assume comes
frm my anemia and lack of iron keeps me tiredd and lazy alllll the
timeeee .
i feel the same way whether i get 4 hrs or 10 hrs of sleep .
never energized lol .
people think im lazy , and yeaaa ill admit tht at times i am but im
mostly just tired . my bodies tired , my brains tired .
i haven't been taking my iron pills either ,so thtprolly helps .
i dnt wnna be this tired all tha damn time bt i am .
im getting fat again cus i dnt have tha energy to fit in working out .
its just aggravating . i guess ima have to pushh myself these next
couple weeks bc i need to lose like 5lbs before skool starts on tha 16th
ugh . sometimes life jst sucks .
lately I've been pondering my negatives ... and positives .
mostly things i hate :

-i hate people tht complain all tha time .
-i hate people that are excessively angry .
-i hate people that get ignorant when their angry.
-i hate when people think i care , when i don't .
-i hate people tht try to take advantage of my kindness .
-i hate dumbasses.
-i hate liars .
-i hate extraa`d out people .
-i hate people tht do shit to try to be cool(i.e die tha back of their
hair pink and add tracks a la nicki minaj BITCH SIT DOWN.)
-i hate opinionated ppl , STFU , i really dnt care what u think!
-i hate narrowminded people .
-i hate being lonely .
-i hate being over crowded.
-i hate people.
- & i haaatee life ! >:o
lol .

shoot . is that a lot of hate ? idgaf .
i really don't , if people hate anything about me its my lazyness and my
nonchalant idgaf attitude BC I DON'T .
everythings pretty much whatever to me .
i could usually do without it . and i normally do .
like friends . going out . following trends . talking to hella niggas .
i get bored easily . and im constantly evolving .
i wont call it changing myself bc im growing and i apply everything i
learn to the betterment of myself .
i learn frm me and i learn from other people , its enlightening .
i feel better about myself for a change .
today james called ..
i actually laughed during our convo smh.
amazing the power he has ...or love shall i say .
i miss him a lot . but im doing fine .
i guess im moving on , or forward perhaps .
im not stuck , that's for sure . i just need that extra time to be
occupied . and in two weeks i will be great :)

ahh , i just hope my 2O1O gets better from here .
this year so far has been nothing but a bunchaa bs ,
im moving forward into februaryy anddddddd its gonna be
idk yet . i guess we'll find out in a month , till thennn
sayonaraaa til tomarraaa btchhhesssss , guuuuccchiiiiiii !

lol :D , ps . i wanna tumblr . . .coming sooner than later :)

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