frm caLiforniaa to newYork ?

so i figured nows the time for a handy dandy blog .
im stressed .
fenna lose my baby again .
and that's not an option .
so his babys mother is on that "im moving to newyork" thing again .
yeaaa ,
he can't cahnge her mind , but he don't wanna leave his baby either so
that takes him tooooo NEW YORK .
where does that leave me?
in fucking california .
no friends . and now no boyf !?
heeeeelll no .
i came to the decision , im going where he goes .
why let it all go ?
he doesn't wanna leave me and i don't wanna leave him .
im 21 , im old enough to make my own choices .
i don't have anything out here in cali , besides fam .
that's jus like if woulda went to skool outta state .
so we talked and he agreed that ill go to newyork too .
why throw away our love and everything we been thru ?
i think its beyond fucked up how inconsiderate his bm is being towards
his life . but she's not winninn lol .
he's gonna go where his baby goes . and im gonna go where my baby goes
he proposed , and when he sticks that ring on my finger im good .
im good and i don't have a ring . bt fuck tha ring .
im in love with his ♥ and mind .
school i can transfer . ill figure it out .
i always wondered what livin in ny would be like bt i never thought it
would come true lol .
nothings set in stone yet tho , so idk what might happen over tha next
few weeks .
but for all my blogger fam that doeeees live or been to NY can i get
some tips or feedback on what's impt to know ? or what's good community
colleges (im poor lol) , and the best places to work ?
this is some movie type shit lol . fuck my car , i guess we'll be on tha
subway lmao . cus i dnt think its gonna make it across country :-/ .
i hope she doesn't move to ny , but she been wantin this for awhile so i
know she's nt gonna change her mind .
and his son is his world so who am i to try to keep him with me and not
his baby .
best solution ?
follow my heart . cus he has it .
advice pleaseeee .
be back sooner than later .


toytoyy said...

new york is COLD.
i'm moving to cali just to escape.
i'm talking, thick ass northface coat cold. it snows in the winter. lol.

as far as community colleges, google CUNY. CUNY is basically a whole bunch of community colleges under one system...

it also depends on what part of new york you're moving to.

quynnief.baybee said...
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