i give up .

what's the point of trying if you always lose ?
no matter how hard i try it never works .
im losing hope .
fuck hope .
no wonder everyone in life is so unhappy with it ,
everyone settles .
they give up , and settle .
i shouldn't fuckin have to settle !
why do i have to settle with being unhappy ?
settle with "that's life" and that's the reason for why everything fucks
i fucking hate life .
that's an understatement .
nothing can make me like life .
ill be happy when im happy with every aspect of life .
and im not .
im fenna lose the only part i enjoy .
what can i do?
im trying but its not working .
i wanna go crazy , im too tiredd .
my tears feel like their burning my face .
i wouldnt be mad if i got hit by a car and died .
but im sure with god knowing how much im unsatisfied with life he would
make me live and suffer more . .
that's sad .
i dnt really care .
i wish i could spend the rest of my life sleep .
im angry . but i dnt even know at who .
i wish god would stop playing with my fuucking emotions .
one minute everythings perfect then everythings falling apart .
i should jus run away and disappear .
not tell anyone where im goin . dissappear off earth .
this isn't about me but fuck .
i don't understand why my life has to not work in the process .
why did god make me fall so far in love if he was gonna take him away?
what's the purpose ?
im tired of heartbreak .
why do i feel all by myself :'(
i don't even have anyone to talk to to understand how i feel .
i can't even write anymore cus i cnt seee .
fuck life .
i give up .
i don't want anything anymore .

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it'sok2bu*nique* said...

awww hun, i wish there was something i can do but i too am going through something similar and i have just got to the point where i have no tears, no thoughts but somehow my mind is full...idk its confusing but hopefully soon we will both see the light at the end...if not then God is nonexistent and we both know that isnt true