hello 2O1O :)

happy new year everyoneee !
this is my 1st post of O1O` & I've been sort of
lagging behind bc idk i haven't had much to complain about . well
actually that's a lie , but ill get back to that lol .
most importantly , my baby is homeeee ! yess !
he got out 2 weeks before he was supposed to and surprised everyone . i
missed my babe , im grateful for him .
bt we almost started bumping heads bc this past week I've been
constantly pissed off and angry bc of not having any time for my typical
solitude .
people don't understand that i actually like being alone .
not having friends , well a lot , doesn't bother me to say the least .
i love who i love , and i love who i need , simple as that .
i have plenty of associates , interchangeables , nobody that i actually
need tho .
my sister came to visit the day after xmas , my aunt been over here
since xmas, and my cuzin came 2 days after xmas . what does that equal ?
no alone time for angelica , which equals STRESS & IRRITABILITY .
smh .
no good sleep cus everyone wakes yu up at 7 , 8 in tha morning when yu
didn't go to bed til 3 .
and yea that's preetty typical for me but 7 days of it is ridiculous
with no naps , bc i almost aalwaaays take a nap .
since i got my car i been drivin non stop . im tired of drivin and i
don't evenhave my license yet >:o (btw , i passed my written test lol )
but i digress ,
i just been tiiiireeeeddddddd .
then whenever me & james talked id be pissed off about somn and i could
tell he was annoyed and it was jus bad .
my new years was full of shit .
i was the designated driver , thank god , bc i don't really like drunk
ass people . that's definately a pet peeve .
my new years was going good all up until people started fighting ,
flying thru windows , getting jumped , fighting down flights of stairs ,
people bleeding , crying , throwing up , outta control , just . . .the
combination of a bunch of drunk ass people looking ignorant .
i must be getting old cus yea , i was like i shoulda jus stayed home in
my pj`s and brought tha new years in sleep ! had my anxiety on level
1000000000 lol . smh .
theeeen on top of all that , james was drunk af . i was worried about
his ass and when i was ready to leave my fuckin car battery was died !
&& nobody had jumper cables . like wtf . so i basically got stuck at my
cuzins house til 7 am when the neighbors starting waking and we asked
tha guy across the street to jump start me . smh .
long annoying ass day . came home to try to get some sleep and still
didn't get as much as i wanted .
but on a better note , my cuzin went home and my aunts leaving tmw so
ill be able to enjoy more peaceful sleep thus , less grouchyness , and
more happiness .
my babe had a bad hangover today , so we jus talked btwn naps .but i
hope he learned his lesson on getting sooooo fucked up lol . im 21 and i
beeen said fuck liquor smh .
my stomach is very sensitive and although i rarely throw up alcohol
always sits unsettled in my stomach & i haaate the feeling . so i stick
to smokin bluntss , fk it lol .
but im fenna stop smoking again bc i need to start looking for a job
again next month . might jus drink on special occasions cus i do fucks
wit greygoose&sprite or patron oor gin&juiceeeee ! whoop ! i gets loaded
. lol . but for some reason everybody wanna drink tht nasty ass brown
liquor , yuuck . i only fucks wit clears unless its some henny . fuck a
vsop . fuck a courvousier . fuck a paul mason . im cool on it lol . it
makes me gag on tha 2nd shot . but yeaa , im jus blaabbing now , i
pretty much updated yall on my going on`s . nothing special , jus happy
i got my babe back :-* . ill be around :)