i woke up today . . .

& i was happy :)
i realized my life has to go on with or without what i want .
i guess life is never fair but if i keep myself occupied maybe i wont
focus so much on tha things that bring me down .
i can't lie , i miss my bf right now , but i don't need him .
i mean i need his love bc it keeps me happy .
but i wanna be happy without his love .
if i don't learn to do that our relationship wont mean as much .
i don't want heartbreak but i feel as tho if we break up again im
letting it all go .
its time to refocus on angelica .
people come & go , bt ima be here til i choose nt to be or god takes me
might as well enjoy myself in tha process :)

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cassie said...

girrrl, you sound like me not that long ago actually. i'm still coping with the break up i went through. it was a tough relationship in the end, but time heals all wounds they say. i'm still waiting i suppose. hang in there things will figure themselves out babe.