man .

im not the hostile type .
well not on a regular basis anyways .
im usually calm cool & collected & nt with tha action & tha drama .
and even tho i may be insecure . one thing i DO NOT & WILL NOT tolerate
is being disrespected , walked over , bypassed ect .
you got me fucked up !
im so angry right now . im ready to get up and start droppin bitches .
i rarely get this mad ! like once every 2 months rare !
im the sweetest person ever bt yu do not wanna piss me tf off . i
promise you im not tha same person .
yu wanna see a angry crazy bitch ? prolly not bt thts what your gonna
get cus im past caring . im just angry . i do shit i don't mean to and
say shit i don't mean (sometimes) .
its not cute & thts exactly why i normally maintain my lowkey composure
but i can only deal with so much til someone pushes that alert! button
and im over tha edge !
smh . i wish i could go into detail bt im not .
i just needed to vent so tht i could possibly fall asleep without being
mad all nite .
smh . im calm right now bt im still upset .
sometimes things just don't make sense .
i hate only knowing half of the story .
i hate waiting . i hate bitches . i hate fucking people .
im still nt fenna be able to fall asleep as easily as i thought bt i
guess .
can't figure things out til tmw anyways .
gn readers .

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