i guess life is no fair . . .no , no .

trey said it best .
bt i already knew it wasn't .
i give up on relationships .
i give up on love .
i give up on giving my ♥ away .
i give up on getting it broke .
i give up on life .
smh .
we agreed to let it go .
apparantly his head isn't in a relationship ,
that was obvious .
whatever .
i just hate that it turned out this way .
how was he so into it 2 months ago ? and now he's not .
i always looked at him like a saint .
the best bf i ever had . and to be honest he was .
im just upset that things turned out this way .
maybe i should've given up 8 months ago
bt 8 months ago i was freshly in love and totally commited.
8 months later my ♥ is weak , frm being hurt over and over .
with the ♥ i have left i wanna keep trying . i reaally really do .
but what's the point ?
he says let go . so i guess thts what i have to do .
my brain knows i can't keep doing my ♥ like this .
disoashueiwjs8wenhjr8e0owahisknzwhsweyu2owame8o1m,sj92nee FUCK !
im angry . im sad . im mad . im hurt . im frustrated . im confused . im
fucked up ! :'(
im full of emotions .
bt I've cried so many times tht i can't anymore .
but i still cry .
im just crying inside .
im dying inside .
life goes on . . .
bt my life is on pause .
i dnt really wanna live anymore .
nt bc my ♥ is broke but bc life is full of shit .
disappointment on top of disappointment .
they say if yu really want it go after it .
i really want something , go after it , and never get it or lose it .
im done man .
idc about anything anymore .
if life doesn't start to get any better idk how much longer life will
suit me .

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Harlem Missez said...

i love how you're not afraid to show your emotions; i really hope everything works out for you.