** updatee .

well i dont really havee anything super important or emotional to say
so ill juss updatee yuu on me these lass couplee dayss .

- im stilllllllll looking for employment >:O , i swear to godd itss never been this hard to find a job in my life . looking for a job in the i . e . [inland empire ] is likee lookin for a needle in a damnn haystack . smh . && im suree theress jobs out here , bt i guess it dont help that im picky . most of all the ppl i know that have jobs out here work in fass food , [ &no disrespect to the ppl tht work in that industry ] buuuut jellie's first job wasnt even fass food , so she really aint movin backwards to work fass food now . thats jus not for me , im str8 . lol . so i guess ill jus keeeep looking . itss so fuckin discouraging =/

- my lovee lifee is nicee at the moment . we're having one of our better weeks =] . i dont know what was so special about yesterday , but i havent heard him tell me he missed me && lovedd me soo muchh sincee before we brokee up . it was so refreshing && comforting :] it was kindaa jus like a reminder of how muchh he lovess me && how much i lovee him back . i lovee days like tht .
hopefully the good timess keep rollinnn :]

- family life . pshh . wtf is that . i spend all my time in the house . with my mom && her husband . && evenn tho i dislikee it most of the time , i still stay in the house . itss been a okay week tho .
no arguments or dramaa so its been str8 .

- i been thinking about goin out lately . i lowkey miss the party lifee , bt i jus havent brought myself to goin out yet . i will real soon tho :] i promisee !

all in all . lifee still fuckinn suckss . buuuuut , my main focus right now is findin me a fuckin job so i can get back on my feet . im 21 in october && i wanna start school this fall . i need income for all the shit i need to accomplish BEFORE then . whichh is ALOT lol . soooo . if anyone knowss anyone hiring or can help me in some type of wayy in this areaa . HELP ME ! im begging you ! im desperate ! - jus not desperate enough to work fass food [ dont judge me lmao .]

byee yall .

[ps] all i been listeninn to is ;
bobby v - the rebirth
slim- loves crazy
drake - so far gone
&& hella coldplay .
weirdd assss comboo huhhh ?? =/


E Dot DizZy said...

We on the same boat for the most part.. AHOY! And we both on that Drake, So Far Gone.. Kudos

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

yeah it takes time , looking for a job ! && i so feel you with that not going backwards on work ! just keep ya head up and ears & eyes open . yanno , it will come .

Miss.Fortune said...

cali is n a mess right now..more ppl losin they jobs then gaining..BUT ppl are still hiring..
dont get discouraged..
somethin will come thru for u

Anonymous said...

I feel you on the looking for a job. I have been looking for 3 months now and still nothing. But its not just in Cali bcuz I live in Indiana and I am still having a hard time finding one but hopefully something will come up for the both of us. I'm about to be 22 and I'm trying to get back in school as well as do other things but you are defanitely not alone. I'm just trying to stay optimistic.