currently .

im freeezing my ass off .
im wrapped up in a blanket bt its not helping .
shit even my face got chill bumps on it .
lol .
"it never rains in southern california:" my ass .
it been rainin for likee the lass week .
&& its supposedd to rain on valentiness day .
which im mad about cus im goin to the movies ,
& i hate goin placess when its raining .

i wanna flat iron my hair cus im tired of it bein curly
bt its kinda like whats the point ?
cus its jus gon get fucked up frm the rain .
i cant wait for the spring .

bt anywho .
annoying ass day .
i swear i woke up on the wrong sidee of the bed this mornin
lol .
i was readyy to cuss everybody out .
i washed the dishes then took a shower to relieve the tension .
my moms husband been gettin on my nerves since forever
and he asked me today , do i hatee when he bugs me?
&& i said i really do .
he was like really ?
guess i hurt his feelins .
oh well .
idgaf .
i hate when ppl constantly over yo shoulder breathin on yuu askin yuu shit
or tryna joke around .
i have my time when i like to play around bt not every damn day .
that shit erks me .

im so cold my damn fingernails is purple .
im bout to turn the heat on cus yeaaa .
lol .

bbl if i got somn to say .


nt skinne n e mo said...

yeh they do say "it never rains in southern california" but it has. and i hate it.

i was fk freezing my little ass almost blew away.

but the sun did come out bright as hell for a minute. lol

Miss.Fortune said...

i love ur hair str8
and i say the same damn thing..
it always be rainin n southern cali..
ok not always but damn...NEVER is kinda far fetched..

and im mad cuz cali done brought that rain to vegas and im freezin my ass off..dont even wanna get up to check my damn mail!

ur days will get better mama