i got accepted to . .

csu - dominguez hills :D !!!!!

i got into northridgee in 07 bt i fucked it off .
im trying againn .
any advicee college goers ??

i havee nooo ideaa how im bout to pay for thiss . lmao .
bt , i gotta do what i need to .


Teesha said...

umm , as far as money wise , fastweb.com .. and look for organizations in your community that may give out scholarships ..

buy used books ..

stay focused !!

congrats =]

iM.R0Ni said...


financial aid is the best.

Lamar said...

lemmi begin by saying


but anyways lol financial aid!

used books of course.

workstudy if it helps you.

make a "SCHEDULE" is my best tip.
write in study times


i dig your layout ms

Miss.Fortune said...

im planning on moving to l.a. in july!
ooh..we're gonna be closer..lol just playin but i cant wait..a journey awaits for the both of us

ok wait..let me start over
first of all
that mean ur ass wont be going to az..

ok so back to what i was sayin before...its fitna be on...
u gotta do whats best for u

Cam. said...

Buy used books.
books are hella high.
if you have a book and dont need it anymore resell it to someone.

Keep contact with your teacher, Make sure you pay your Tuition!

For your first year take a full semester of the basics!

Study EVERY night! do that then you will be straight!

Im soo happy for you my nigg, watch great things start happenin i hope you going for journaling=)

NayNayGotCakes said...

that was my original school of choice but last minute my parents decided not to support me

i regret everyday that my ass didnt take a loan out!!
ahh whatever u do make sure u get there some how

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Keep Mashin, then blow Kush lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

way to go folk


Anonymous said...

make sure u save for books cause the cost can be crazy. and if you like privacy - dont have a roomate. lol.

Yves said...

congrats, enjoy college life while it lasts.

I used to want to get out of college so bad but now I really miss it. "Real Life" is no joke.

toytoyy said...

girl i applied to csu - long beach but decided on howard instead.

they're so fckn expensivee, i'm sitting here wondering my damn self..

Anonymous said...

the direct loans, if their subsidized, really arent that bad. the govt pays interest while u in school, n the payments arent that bad. on $5500 in loans, ur payment only $70/month and you get 6 months after you graduate w/ no payments/interest.

make sure u file ur fafsa!! or else ur fucked n will have to come out of pocket up front.