my biggest hater

is my mothers husband [k].

psh .
i dont hate many people .
bt i can truely say i hate his ass .
i reeeallly from the botttom of my heart do NOT like him .
i swear .

have you ever had someone thats allllllways worried about you or talking about you ?
thats him .
he ALWAYS no matter what .
has something to say about something i am or not doing .
always finds someway to put my name in a conversation .
i swear to you he brings me up or says my name every 30 mins .
its soooooo agitating !
i fuckin hateee negative people && he always gotta be down talking me talkin bout what im not or dont do like he doin sooo much better .
im like bitchh ! get the fck outta here !
mann .
i havee no idea what my mom sees in him .
bt thats who she loves && he makes her happy so i deal with him .
no one in my entire lifee has been so concerned about what JELLiE is doing .
its like ,
since everyone know i dont have a phone no more .
i spend the majority of my day on the cpu cus i cant live without aim .
so since i' d rather spend my time on the cpu to myself ,
instead of watching tv and talking to them .
its a problem .
he 's like ohh the cpu is her life , she cant live without the cpu .
blah blah blah .
&& im likee wtf . its not even the cpu . its my source of communication !
thenn whenevr i do somn that makes him mad , for whatever reason .
it becomes , ima take the cpu apart , or ima sell the cpu .
jus because they know its the only thing i actually enjoy .
im likee ....
who gets mad becuss someone spends time to there self ?
i sit on the cpu in my ownnn world .
wit my headphones on .
doin what i do .
bt thats a fucking PROBLEM ?

how the fuck does that bother someone else ??????
im like mann .
i swear he jus ughhh .
if i was a man , id whoop his ass .
always talkin bout ily you know that .
i hate tellin him ilhim back cus i dont .
bt i do it cus then hes gon compplain to my mom && then i gotta deal with her .
smh .
its frustrating .
hes not my father . not my step dad . idc if they are married .
all he is to me is the man my mom married .
i dont respect him under any circumstances .
im cordial only cus i have to be .
i dont like engaging in converstaions with him
bt when i ignore him he starts complaining .
hes like the biggest btchh ass man i know .
a bigg ass old ass overgrown kid .
hes always playin around n shit .
it jus drives me crazy !
i be like sit the fck down && stfu already !

he talks shit everyday about me .
&& my mom usually defends me .
bt when she does he gets mad .
&& i stopped sayin shit cus when i say somn it becomes a bigass argument
then he wants to get all dramatic talkin bout hes leavin cus blah blah blah
then after he leaves i gotta hear my mama mouth &&& im likee omfg !
i didnt even start shit !

they mad cus i dont have a job .
bt im fuckin FURIOUS>:O
they act like i really wanna spend 24 hours a day in this fckin household dealin with this shit
if i found a job id work double shifts just to stay out the house .
im literally losing all my patience && composure in here .
im always on edge && readyy to pop off at any moment .

i juss cant staannnnnd , when
ONE person is alwayssss worried about ANOTHER person .
if you worried about YOURSELF the world would be a better place .
i dont have enough time in the world to always be concerned about what the NEXT mtfcka is doin .
pah . miss me with that please .
ill pass .


p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

lol at double shifts ! hell , im taking about 15 units in school . meaning im at school from about 8 to 6 everryy damn day just to be out the house & still work at nights ! i know the feeeling ! it will all get better in time !

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

lol at double shifts ! i understand this toooooooo a TEE ! my step father is the same damn way . im the oldest && im not his child.. so he treats me different from the other 3 . which i think he thinks bothers me ? but i dont give a fck ! lmfao . i just want him to stop talking to me period ! is that too much to ask ! haha

Yves said...

Wow, sounds like he really gets under your skin.

Whatcha Nameis said...

0MG , your fcking kidding me !!!
I had someone like that in my life, but I left that btch in newyork. ( sht I hate using that word but . . )
Dmn, I know exactly what your talking about I swear!
I use to live with my Aunt ( shes . . bi ? yeah . whatever ) so her 'girlfriend'\best friend lived in the same house, they like co-owned the house together. And the woman would always talk bad about me, and I barely do anything negative for her to ever discuss me . She's so rude and mean, like shes pure evil. dmn, I read this and it just brought back memories... sht I'm so sorry you have to deal with it. Really but your not alone I'm here !!! Because I totally get how much of an asshole someone can be, because they want to make someone else feel shtty .

Jervis said...

damn,dats sad how u gotta force yaself to tell him u love em. sad. and that niggas a bitch. I say u go EXTRA hard on his shit. like tell him off worse than the history of telling off. maybe he'll get the message then. basically tell him everything that u said in this blog