foxy lady =]

okay , so in honor of black history month :] i jus wanna talk about one of my fav old actresses & thats pam grier . she been around over 3 times my life lol . && she stillll bad !

you can see her on the L word :] im not into girls bt i lovvvvveeee that show , it got so muchh drama ! & i lovee how they all have exciting jobss && they all got good fashion && itss jus a nicee look into another world that i dont livee .

what gets me is that shes 60 ! && i was jus lookin at her on the show like dayyyyumm shee bomb af !
lol . i hopee i look like her when i get 60 =D
ferreal doe .
i was gon post moree picturess bt im lazy lol .

bottom linee is she been in the game for a min [sincee the 70's] && she still doin her thang ! :]

goo mamass !


Pro's Hood said...

Owwwwwwww!!!! I can definetely dig this *past my fro* I watch L world religiously... i'm finna blog about the saga laterz...but love this

chavita!!! said...

she badd!!! I love the L word its a good show :)

Anonymous said...

awh ms. foxy herself! i love pam - and i have to agree. i hope my body looks like hers when i'm 60!! lolol

Miss.Fortune said...

i hope i look that good when i hit her age!
she bomb
no homo

Jordyn_Barker said...

She's 60 for real? Wow...she looks amazing!

Hustler In Lipgloss said...

love ms foxxy!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Great pic, i love me some Pam

JAYFENDii said...

wow, she looked really pretty in her picture.