i . h . f.

= i hate fridays .

what ever happenedd to t.g.i.f ?
i mean i guesss when your in school or go out all the time you look forward to the weekend .
not i .

i currently havee no lifee so i cant stand the weekend .
all that means to me is that everyone i talk to has something to do .
&& there aint gon be shit on tv .
lol .

its 1235am .
im bored af .
every weekend remindss me how much i hate my lifee
&& makess me miss my old lifee .

this isnt forever . so i guess i shouldnt frown .
life is what yuu make it right ?
only if thingss were that simple . . .

lol .
how come everything in my life gotta be so damn complex .
why cant it be likeee .
go to skool .
go to work .
chill wit the hubby .
eat .
have sex .
sleep .
&& repeat process ?

i mean at one point im suree it could go tht way .
bt at thee moment .....
psh .
ugh .
what suckss the most is half the time i dont even feel like being bothered
with people .
yet im always bored cus im alone .
how fcknn contradictory is that ?
the only person i ever wanna talk to is him .
pah . BIG surprise right .
smh .
everythings always interesting even when its boring .
i anticipate his responses .
i reminsce on things we talk about .
im a mess .
they say ,

yuu aint never felt a love like THIS .

yall prolly havent .
lol .
man . i stopped smokinn for the new year bt im sooo tempted to start back .
shit .
especially when im tryna sleep !
cus when im high && i close my eyesss . . .
i drift off into that booomb deeeep sleep .
that DO NOT DISTURB sleep lol .
not a care in the world .

hmph . i wish .
well i guess i could stop wishing .
back to reality >>>>
its now 1244am .
listening to coldplay .
missin my bby .
&& i wish i had somee in n out =/

fuckin fridays !!!!


iM.R0Ni said...

HELL YES ! i jus smoked right now. i being sleep wen im high i swear i wake up feelin so refreshd . lol

like man i be alone alot too and sometimes i jus wanna be bymself. noone seems to unterdand that. geesh.

xXMarie the MistressXx said...

i feel your pain my sistah!
its a religious thing at my place about fridays so my life is pretty sad

toytoyy said...

i love going to sleep high..
i do that most of the timee.
& girl i hate the weekends too, maybe it's cause i never do shit. i be stuck in the house, glued to the computer screen.

so you ain't the only onee.

Reggie said...

LMAO!!!! I love that Adele that is playing!!!!!

original.femme said...

GURL U AINT GOT TO TELL ME... i was there before. i have no life for a long time. somehow it got turned around ; i will be smoking tonight tho. lol

NIC-KIA said...

aww. be happy!! that was depressing. =[. thank GOD for the computer and phone..or else an empty house would make you wanna drown with your best dress on.