r mm f a o !

i reallllllly hope this girl is acting .
cus woooowwwww .
rmmfao .
she fckin crzy !
lol .
first she talkin crazy to the old lady , then she get into it wit the niggga .
smfh .

" im pressin chaaarges ! "
hahahahahahhaaaaa !


Jordyn_Barker said...

lol..that was hilarious!! Girl is crazy!!

toytoyy said...

country ass, ghetto ass, bama ass, smfh.

toytoyy said...

wait a min,
did he hit her?

"i'm pressingg chargesss, what's ya nameee?


Anonymous said...

o0o0o0h yeaaa i seen this ish l0l shes a psycho

Na.o.mie said...

lmfao she definitely wasn't acting THIS WAS REAL!! lol
that happened here in atlanta it was all on the news. they said she's bipolar or something