irritabilityy .

f u c k !

mann .
im gettin in one of my irritatedd moods .
i tend to get this way every now and againn .
not as muchh as i usedd to thoo .

it startss with one thing .
then all these other things start to annoy me cus im already agitated .
then i jus get flat out irritated by EVERYTHING .
ill be calm .
bt jus on egde .
likee mannn FUUUUUUCK !
lol .

then ppl always make it worse .
likee whats wrong ? why yuu irritated ?
like jus cus i am !
then they be like bt why ?
like mtfckaa dont worry about why !
jus know that i AM !
&& yuu makin it worse !
lol .
shit .

i try really hard to stay happy .
bt sometimes it jus dont last .
&& i depend on other people to help me out .
&& then when they dont succeed i jus be annoyed .
i wonder how life would be if everyone got what they wanted . .
likee . ..
do yuu think the world would be a happier place ??
cus i know if i had everything i wanted .
i wouldnt give a shxt about nuthin else .
goin on wit anybody or anything else .
like theree would be no reason for hating .
no reason for stealing .
no reason for killing .
ect . ect .

buuuut .
thats not how the cookie crumbles .
lifes not easy .
you gotta work && suffer for everything .
smh .
guess we should jus be satisfied with the fact were breathing .
bt what difference does that make if your place on earth isnt making a difference ?
blahhhhhh .
im jus annoyed with everything && everybody right now .
lifee itself jus pisses me off .
so many questionss i wish i had answers to ,
bt probably wont ever know .
i dont look forward to shit anymore ,
cus everythings jus a fuckin disappointment .
whaaaaaatever ,
thats all i gotta say to everything .
whatever .
whatever .
lol .
i lovee swearing =]
evenn tho its not very lady likee for some reason the swear words do the best of expressing my emotions .
like MTFCKA !
lol .
see =]
bt yeaaa . i guess im donee .

ohh && btw , cb && rihanna . mmm yeaa .
no comment .
all i gotta say is aint no btchh worth fckinn up millions .
he shouldaa went about it differently .
bt oh well whats done is donee .

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

great words of advice, especially to yourself, always try and stay happy 4get the other folks