another fckedd up nitee .

dont you hatee when you see somn that you dont expect to see .
&& it rubss you the wrong way ?

smh .
man . that happened to me earlier .
one thing after the other .

i feel like shit .
me && my bf[ex] used to always talk about how much we loved each other .
&& i tonite i told him i'd give my life for him .
[ like beforeee. . ]
&& he didnt even have anything to say .
[which isnt regular .]

i felt so fcknn dumb for telling him that .
even tho ive told him before && he told me before .
his speechlessness wasnt what i expected .
&& he told me it wasnt bad that he was speechless so dont feel dumb .
bt i was hurt .

i swear i wanted to cry .
it hurt my heart .
it was likee he dont lovee me how he used to .
or it made me think twicee about what he used to tell me .

then the conversation was over so i couldnt even lift my spirits with him like i wanted .
smh .
now i wish i jus wouldnt have elaborated on how MUCH i lovee hiss ass .
cus i couldve saved myself the doubt && stuff .
jus another fcked up weekend . to add to the list .

hopefully sundays better .


King.Price said...

thats crazy ma...
i totally understand how you feel..telling someone that..and they lookat you like your crazy or dont have nothing to say...
it will be alright..
sunday will be a better day :)

toytoyy said...

awww bookieee.
i'm soryyy =/

he just...idkk.

that's like when you tell a nigga you love them & they respond with really??

it'll be okayy =]

Anonymous said...

I suggest you never tell him that again....Unless he swags up and says it first....:)

tianam0nique.--* said...

oh girl I know exactly what ur saying.. "/

tht shit cuts deep; them wierd pauses.. killer.

stay up girl! =]

johntaviousbyrd said...

dont let it get you down, he probly was doing something hopefully.
us guys kinda dont think a little less serious sometimes...it'll be all good. :]

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

whoaa hunny, thats smething real if you honestly feel as if you would give your life for him. i can understand where you got a little tight at - for you to express your love for him in that way & for him to not say anything jst as sweet in return thn its a little mind boggling. makes you wonder, dang does he not feel the way i feel? has he changed the way he feels? or am i loving too hard? its numerous questions but if you feel that strong abt it hunny thn i think you should bring it to his attention asap. goodluck babe

- peace&love