so far gone .

bess cd of o9 ;
handss downn .

" . . .so what i tend to do is to think , of today , as the past ; its funny when yuu comin in first bt you hope that you last ; you just hope , that it last . " - lust for life .

- self explanatory , im obsessed with this song :]

[fav song is uptownn tho ; tht shit is bananassssss !]

if you aint downloaded it yet , wtf are yuu doinn ????


Randolph Valentine! said...

I like the song.
My fav.
"Best I ever had"

"I'll be hittin all the spots you aint even know was there..."


King.Price said...

the cd is dope as hell..definitely on repeat on my iPod..

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well i just wanna say have a safe and great weekend folk

kmx. said...

I'm witcha on the best drop of '09. NOBODY is touchin that, I'd like to see somebody try though.

Cam'Ron said...

OMG! hellz yeahh
drake madd bomb no homo
i like his song..
-night off with lloyd
- best i ever had

dem the best 3

diplomatikk said...

uptown is hella tight.
november 18th is probably my favorite though.

& wait until that joe budden hits next week!

UGHnani said...

i have to say ,
im a drake junkie.
i've had it for 3 days almost
& thats the only thing i listen to.
its on my myspace & on my blogger.
my header is even themixtape cover lol.

i ♥ drake :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u got great taste in music folk. hope u don’t mind the drive by,


tysofly said...

agreeddd. drake has 09 on lockkkkk!