i wonder if thats how chriss did ri- ri ??

lmao .
okay .
not really funny bt got damn .
&& he did it in front of his kidss && hers !
thats a btchh nigga for ya .
wait no - a nigga btchh !

i wish it had sound so you could tell what happndd =/
go to 34 secs .


Anonymous said...

lmfao. i watched this a few weeks ago. i cant believe he whooped ass infront of his kids! smh @ people.

iM.R0Ni said...

wow...that was krazy. he didnt have to do her like thaaaaaaaaaaat.

Na.o.mie said...

lmfao! haha

no class

M$ Toya said...

B*tch Ass N*gga nuff said.....

KidNice said...

thats messed up!!!!