itsss . . .

friday the thirteenth .

&& i can already tell itss gonna be a bad day .
scratch that .
bad weekend =/

no valentines date .
not going to the movies anymoree .
jus fcknn suckss .

oh well .
havee fun kidss =]


JAYFENDii said...

i feel yu on that note. but look at the bright side. at least yur not ugly with no valentine. because then you would have no chance of ever having one.. lol .. but bc yur not ugly yu have all yur life to have a valentine..

thought to make yu laugh a liddle. no time to think about what yu dnt have.. be happy for what yu do. =]

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

girl .. same here ! its okay .. we the SHIT !

diplomatikk said...

my week sucked as well.
shit, if you read my blog you can tell lmao.

it's cool though.
i'mma try & be "social" tonight...
whatever THAT is.