smh . lol .

i swear everytimee i blog about how i feel .
he always sayss somn to me that makes me feel better .

"ahmor <3 ." (12:53:21 AM):
Well like u always talkin like u a fool n feel dumb cus u love me but I do really love u more thAn anything but like it's not that I don't show it r know how to make u understand but like I understand u n I think we stand n da same state a mind

simple as that .


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sounds like a real man, and even better friend to me

SydniMichael said...

...mm and doesn't it feel so good?
every time. hehe..the same with mine... he always comes with reassurance. sometimes my blog is the only way to express these feelings to him.. it's hard for me to verbally express myself so he usually reads about the way im feeling towards him. funny :)

Miss.Fortune said...

it can be confusing to alot of ppl because they arent u..but when the two of u can understand eachother..then thats all there is to it

Kiwi said...

Awww so sweet

Anjl Marie said...