h A P P y N E W y E A R S =] !

wellll ,
wwelcomee to 09 mtfckaass !
lol .
shit .
same shit , different year .
im tryna switchh ma shit upp tho .
same qirl , jus onn some new shit basically .

well i aqreed to leavee everythinqq inn 08 ; in 08 !
so im startinnq freshhh .
woot woot .
my new yrs eve was fckedd up >:O
i got stuck in the housee ,
so i basically got dressed for noooooooo reason .
pshh .
i spent new years talkinn to the personn i wanted to tho =]
yeppp .
lol .
that quyy to your right >>>>
wee jus cant let each other qo .
lmao .
smh .

bt anywhoo
heress some picss of me lookin bmb wit nowhere to go =[
lmao .


Jervis said...

blame it on da goose/gotcha feelin loose/blame it on the TRON/got u in da zone/blame it on da ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-alcohol................ahhhhhhhh dats my SHIT!!!!!.

damn girl u was dressed to impress ya DAMNSELF, and NOBODY else,lol.

nah cute pix, good to see u and homie talkin again.

HAPPY new year!

Reggie said...

Happy 2009, boo!!!!:)

chavita!!! <3 said...

your such a fucking dolll!!! :)

ps this year (learnoloveyourbody)

*its yours :)

Miss.Fortune said...

happy new year!
u brought it n lookin beautiful as usual..and im glad ya'll workin things out